Samsung aims to produce at least 1 million foldable smartphones next year

Samsung had unveiled a working foldable smartphone during their developer conference last week. It can seamlessly transform from a candy bar phone into a larger 7.3″ tablet-mode display. 

Usually with a new form factor like this, the commercial device is more of an experimental device to see how consumers would react to it.  This is similar to the original Galaxy Note, Galaxy Round and Galaxy Note Edge. However, it seems that the Korean smartphone maker will be taking this futuristic display to the masses and it will be sold globally.

According to a South Korea report, Samsung plans to launch its foldable smartphone within the first half of next year with at least 1 million units. If there’s positive response from the market, Samsung has the capabilities to produce more. 

Although Samsung can’t claim to be the first to release a foldable smartphone, their solution appears to be better executed than China’s Royole FlexPai. Samsung’s foldable screen can unfold entirely flat and they had overcome many challenges to achieve high levels of flexibility and durability. 

To ensure that the device has an optimal software experience, Samsung has also partnered with Google to enable native support on Android. This will include features such as continuity and multi-active-window. 

Since it’s targeted around the first half of 2019, we are guessing that the foldable smartphone might be released as a special variant of the Galaxy S10. After all, the Galaxy S10 is the 10th generation for the Galaxy S series and it marks an important milestone for Samsung.

If it costs RM1,000 more than the regular S10, would you consider buying a foldable phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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Alexander Wong