Unifi Mobile has an unlimited plan for teachers

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Unifi Mobile Teacher Mobile Plan

TM has just announced a special Unifi Mobile package for teachers which will provide them with unlimited data, calls and SMS. This Unifi Mobile “Jasa Pack” is introduced as part of TM’s partnership with the Ministry of Education to embark on a digital education transformation initiative.

The plan costs RM59/month and according to TheStar, it is available at TM Points nationwide. The offer is exclusive to teachers and based on the launch slides, those who wish to apply would require a confirmation letter from the school’s principal or from the state education department. TM is also offering a free smartphone for the first 2,000 subscribers.

TM Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Sulaiman Mahbob said that the collaboration would ensure effective delivery of the Digital Education Transformation programme in line with the government’s National Transformation 2050 (TN50) plan. Apart from the mobile plan, the long-term partnership between TM and the MOE will enable the ministry to accelerate digital transformation which includes high-speed broadband connectivity, interactive smartboard, smart devices as well as 21st-century teaching and learning.

For regular consumers, there’s only one Unifi Mobile option which is basically a hybrid prepaid plan that has no expiry on credit. The SIM cards are given out for free and it comes pre-loaded with 10GB of LTE data. You can learn more in our previous post on Unifi Mobile.

UPDATE: Pek Jasa plan requires a Home broadband plan which starts from RM99.

TM has finally published its Pek Jasa product page and eligible teachers would need to sign up for a Unifi Home broadband plan if they wish to sign up for the RM59/month unlimited Unifi Mobile plan.

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The Lite 10Mbps plan costs RM99/month while the Advance 30Mbps plan costs RM169/month. Meanwhile, the fastest Pro 100Mbps option is going for RM299/month. This pricing is valid only for the first 24 months before it returns back to the original pricing of RM129/month (10Mbps), RM199/month (30Mbps) and RM329/month (100Mbps).

If your location does not have Unifi, you’re able to subscribe to TM Broadband (Streamyx) in order to qualify for this plan. The Pek Jasa promotion is available from today until 31 December 2018.

The Unifi Mobile Jasa Pek also supports hotspot and TM provides 10GB of LTE data each month which you can connect up to 5 devices. They also offer a hotspot pass of RM6.36 (inclusive of GST) for 2 hours of usage.

For more info, you can visit the Pek Jasa product page.

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14 Comments for Unifi Mobile has an unlimited plan for teachers

tun tuang

What about YES teacher plan provided by YTL? Will MOE kick YTL after the GE?


After this sure got people start selling surat pengesahan in lowyat. Lolx


very good, all teachers deserve this, rm59 unlimited access for everything is rly rly a good deal.


    This is the first time I came across swan's comment that can see his/her brain.


      inborn bodokambing like you dont even have a brain how can you see other's brain?

TM telco cekik darah No.1 di Malaysia

No one notice that you need to subscribe both Unifi fixed line + mobile. So, TM Unifi 10Mbps(RM129) + Unifi Mobile Jasa Pack(RM59) = Total RM188/month.

Or, Streamyx 1Mbps(RM110) + Unifi Mobile Jasa Pack(RM59) = Total RM169/month.

Still expensive.


    Yes exactly, so this package actually not for teachers. TM selling their product by using teacher's word. should subscribe unifi or streamyx first then u can get that jasa package. so cekik darah


    expensive your deck la, average price for 5-10mbps is at around rm100 ald you cant escape from it, u will still need a fix internet/line at home, jgn bodo2 go n add up together


Guru Pendalaman/Pulau rugi..
Syarat pelanggan Streamyx/Unifi.. hanya area bandar ada line tu…
Sini,.. Line akar kayu.. ade la.
Mohon pertimbangan


another con job from TM
nothing new.
UMNO cronies…..
just kick UMNO out this GE!!!!!


Webe cannot perform
And also jasa
If u dont believe
Just try it your self


“Jasa Pack” is introduced as part of TM’s partnership with the Ministry of Education to embark on a digital education transformation initiative”

Who create this article? Add also “as well as to generate more money and income from additional increase of subscriber base. Existing Unifi subscriber who is already under “Thank you surprise campaign are NOT eligible” because you are not new subscriber. If you still insist on Jasa Pack, you will be downgraded under existing Unifi Plan e.g Unifi Pro plan 100Mb will have to pay RM 299 instead of RM 249 (under Thank you surprise campaign”)




not new subscriber. If you still insist on Jasa Pack, you will be downgraded under existing Unifi Plan e.g Unifi