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The Galaxy S9+ has the highest camera score on DxOMark Mobile

With Samsung’s latest flagships making their landing this MWC, we were expecting the device to make some waves, and now that DxOMark has completed their testing on the Samsung Galaxy S9+, it turns out its camera is pretty darn amazing.

According to the DxOMark tests, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ does well on most counts, with a dual-camera setup that is similar to the Galaxy Note 8 but with the addition of a variable-aperture lens on the main camera. Sporting a 12MP main camera with a f/1.5/f2.4 variable aperture lens along with a 12MP secondary camera with f/2.4 aperture along with a well-rounded feature set, the Galaxy S9+ actually nails the number one spot in DxOMark’s Mobile ranking. As a comparison, the Pixel 2 scores 98, while the iPhone X and Mate 10 Pro are tied at 97.

While the camera doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses and performs quite well across all photo and video test categories, it’s not wholly without flaws. The smartphone does shine in the photo department, with fast and accurate autofocus, bright vivid colours and good detail, it still suffers from slight colour casts and occasional exposure instability. On the video side, it does also do well overall but also has some loss of fine detail in most video conditions.

However, for all it’s quibbles, the camera does have one of the best smartphone zooms out there and makes for some pretty good bokehs, so if you’re a camera minded user, you will want to check out the Galaxy S9+.