Here’s a comprehensive comparison of Samsung Galaxy S9 telco plans in Malaysia

Monthly instalment plans

If you don’t want to fork out so much cash for the Galaxy S9/S9+, both Celcom and Maxis are also offering easy payment plans which allow you to pay for your brand new phone in 24-month instalments. Below is the comparison of the base instalment plans without any optional device protection or upgrade add-on.

Maxis Zerolution has RM0 upfront while Celcom EasyPhone would require 3X EasyPhone monthly fee as advance payment which will be waived for existing Celcom customers of at least one year. Unless you’re an existing Celcom customer of at least 3 months with no call barring, you are also required to sign up with auto-billing with Master or Visa credit card.

With these device instalment plans, you don’t need to pay RM2000-3000 upfront for the phone but if you compare them versus the normal contract plans, the cost of ownership is significantly higher. If you already have a credit card, it would probably make more sense to go for a standard contract unless you’re really interested in the yearly upgrade option on Maxis Zerolution.

Before you lock yourself into a 24-month contract, there are several things to consider. The biggest one is network coverage and its performance in your area. Not all 4G networks are the same and its performance varies depending on location. So even if a telco offers huge amounts of data, it would be pointless if you can’t get a decent connection. There are several ways to determine if a network is good in your home or at work. One of it is to use 3rd party tools such as OpenSignal and YouTube Video Checkup. Alternatively, you can get a prepaid SIM and try it out or ask someone who’s using the network in your area.

Hate contracts altogether? The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are also available directly from Samsung Malaysia or through retailer Senheng/senQ and Harvey Norman. It’s also available through e-commerce sites such as Lazada, 11street and Shopee.

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Alexander Wong