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Sony basically made my dream phone, but why must it look like that?

But, the phone that really caught my eye was the smaller one

Xperia XZ2 Compact

Yes, despite the shiny new body of the XZ2, the device that really caught my eye was the smaller Xperia XZ2 compact. It was almost as if Sony read my review of the iPhone 8 and went “yeah, let’s make this guy his phone”.

The resulting handset is pretty much everything I could have asked for on an Android flagship. It is basically the XZ2 but smaller and in a different body. You still get the same flagship processor and specs. You get the same camera, stereo speakers and IP68 water resistance too. The XZ2 Compact even features a 5″ Full HD+ display with support for HDR playback!

The only spec-sheet difference between the XZ2 Compact and the XZ2 — besides the size of the display and 2,870 mAh battery — is that the Compact doesn’t feature the Dynamic Vibration System and it doesn’t support wireless charging. But I consider those to be cool perks rather than core features, so I’m not too bothered by it.

However, while I think Sony got the specs and idea down pat, it seems that they ran out of juice when it came to designing and building the actual smartphone.

I know I said the XZ2 wasn’t a “beautiful” phone, but next to the XZ2 Compact, the larger XZ2 looks like a Victoria’s Secret model. Sony even ditched the glass back of the XZ2 for a polycarbonate one on the Compact!

It’s really unfortunate that Sony took such a drastic shift in material choices because while the curved glass back on the XZ2 made the device feel premium, the curved polycarbonate one on the XZ2 Compact makes it feel really cheap. Maybe you like that “sleeper” look, but I like a proper flagship smartphone, like the XZ2 Compact, to feel like the top-of-the-line device that it is.

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