Here's a clear look at Sony's Xperia XZ2/XZ2 Compact |

Here’s a clear look at Sony’s Xperia XZ2/XZ2 Compact

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Just yesterday, serial leakster @evleaks has shared a couple of renders of Sony’s upcoming flagship, the Xperia XZ2. As revealed earlier, the Xperia XZ2/XZ2 Compact will feature a “Full Display” 18:9 screen and a new design that has a curved back. If you want to see more, he has just tweeted the full colour options for both models.

From the renders, the larger Xperia XZ2 with a 5.7″ display will come in 4 colours. Apart from the standard Black and White, the two colour options appear to be Bleen (Blue + Green?) and Purple. The fingerprint sensor, rear 19MP main camera, LaserAF and flash are aligned vertically at the back. It uses glass for the rear and for the first time on a Sony smartphone, it supports wireless charging.

Meanwhile, the Xperia XZ2 Compact gets a smaller 5.0″ display and it has a similar design as the bigger brother. For the rear panel, it uses poly-carbonate instead of glass and there are some minor tweaks with the placement of its camera AF sensors. The colours are slightly different as it comes with a different shade of green, blue and pink.

Both Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact are expected to run with Qualcomm’s top of the line Snapdragon 845 processor and it will feature Sony’s 19MP f/1.8 camera which is capable of 4K HDR videos and super slow motion. The batteries are slightly larger now with the XZ2 having a 3,180mAh capacity, while the compact version is getting a 2,870mAh unit. As a comparison, the current Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact are fitted with a smaller 2,700mAh battery.

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In addition to @evleaks’ photos, WinFuture.De has posted more photos of the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact in various angles. You can view their full gallery for the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact.

Xperia XZ2

Xperia XZ2 Compact

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13 Comments for Here’s a clear look at Sony’s Xperia XZ2/XZ2 Compact


Skipping Sony for this year .Ugly Design . Will consider Rear camera and Rear Fingerprint reader or in glass .Battery power aside lose to Samsung S9and S9 + .Size wise might as well give a 5 and 6 inch Screen .


Time to buy XZ1 and XZ Premium. This new Sony phones waaayy too ugly. Pathetic designer, they should harakiri themselves.

This XZ2 series reminded of me about the first Xperia X where Sony has changed its designed entirely from previous Z-Series. I skipped those transition phone and Xperia X is the worst phone from Sony ever.

Now, the cycle of transition falls on this horribly ugly mutates XZ2.

Xperia XZ & XZs, Xperia XA1, Xperia XA2, Xperia XZ Premium are the best design language for Sony with their Loop Surface design combined with Omnibalance design in Z5 series. Edge to edge design is much better albeit not 18:9 screen.

I may saying sayonara to Sony if they’re pushing for this kind of horrid Alien Design.


    Its official already . this is the new one the leak is true . Today is the day . Now got 2 road Wait for Version 3 or find a new brand .


Xz2 just like sony ericcson vivaz


The back looks like a swelling battery. lol
Oh dear, what have Sony done to the design.


Not My Sony.

Ugly, uninspiring, lame, Fat Obese, Idiotic and Absurd 2018 Design.

Bye bye Sony Mobile.


What they meant 12MP main camera? Why not 23 MP??????


    Apologies. It's 19MP, not 12MP as stated earlier.


The other comment is so stupid . This is the new design from sony with new technology if you dont want to buy sony phone then go on but im sticking with clean ui and superb camera from sony xperia.


Maybe the real model looks good leh..lets see how compact could be the xz2 compact first, enough of those 5.9inch giant frame. Xzs user here, xperia not bad but sony must add OIS to the motion eye camera, or else will lost out again to other flagships at low light shot even got a super camera sensor. Those useless slow motion and 3d gimmick please drop out, a clear detail selfie front and fast good low light main camera much more prefered. Then a little bit louder stereo speakers and a proper full version file browser please. Lastly the price, if more expensive than the s9 or p20 where got people going to buy lah..??

Ken Bomzer

I still have the Sony Xperia ultra Z, as long as itkeeps working I will keep it. I have now had it for 3 years and it works perfectly, I love the 6.4inch screen which is great for watching movies and Sport


Design so ugly, still using my z5, waiting for this new model to upgrade but now so disappointed, might buy xz1 instead


Looks like I’m sticking with my XZ. Can’t bring myself to like this design tbh.