If you can’t get Android Oreo update on your Galaxy S8/S8+, you’re not alone

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Malaysia

A couple of days ago, Samsung had started to roll out its long-awaited Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy S8/S8+. Most users that have downloaded the update as soon as they got notified should be enjoying the latest Samsung design tweaks and the new February 2018 security updates. Unfortunately, for those who didn’t hit the download button on time, Samsung appears to have suspended its software update rollout since yesterday.

A couple of readers have reported that they couldn’t update their Galaxy S8 device and it says that it’s already on the latest version. If you’re one of them, don’t panic as it appears that this is also happening in other markets as well.

According to Sammobile, the G950/G955-FXXU1CRAP Android 8.0 firmware files are no longer available on Samsung servers. However, they are told by a source within Samsung that the rollout will resume soon with a newer firmware version. It isn’t clear why they have suspended the Oreo update but so far we haven’t experienced any issues with our updated Galaxy S8+.

UPDATE: Samsung has stopped rolling out its updates as some devices were reported to have self-rebooting issues. Below is a statement from Samsung to sammobile:

Following a limited number of cases where Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices have rebooted unexpectedly with the Android 8.0 Oreo, we have temporarily stopped the rollout of the update. We are investigating the issue internally to ensure that the impact to the affected devices is minimized and the rollout of the update can resume as quickly as possible.

For those who have upgraded their Galaxy S8/S8+ to Oreo, do you have any issues with your device? Do let us know your experience so far.

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39 Comments for If you can’t get Android Oreo update on your Galaxy S8/S8+, you’re not alone


I’m not sure about others, but I did experienced shorter battery life after the oreo update on my S8+.

    Abdul Wahab

    Yes, I am facing the same battery drain issue…!


      Same here.
      Also my s8 are heating up fast!


just Android.
nothing new.
1% adoption rate.
sucks BIG time!


    Wat kok u talking?


Noticed that the battery drains faster from hindsight observation.

    Abdul Wahab

    Hope they fix this fast…


There were problems with the update. I have 2 S8s at home. Updated them both yesterday morning. One worked like a charm, the other could not boot up. Caught in a loop.
Took it over to Samsung Service near the Tesco Damansara, they had to reset the phone. We tried updating again on the basis that there may have been some offending app that was causing the bootloop. However, same thing happened.
They took back the phone and said that it may be the motherboard that needed replacing. Not sure whether they did. They gave the phone back a few hours later. It was back on Nougat. Surprisingly, the other S8 which successfully updated, works like a charm on Oreo.


Haters gonna hate, and i dont know why you hate. Maybe you are retarded. Just live your life, you dunno when you gonna die. Just enjoy and stop fking judge.

So, back to topic. Stable so far, maybe just minor issues that haven’t been fixed. My 3 s8 and 2s8+ on the shop working fine~


May I request to bring back the cute head up notification. Or maybe user can choose to choose which notification style..

Dark Knight

I have no issue on my GS8 on Oreo so far. Super snappy, except a few complaints…

They exchange the HDR toggle in Camera app to a Full View toggle (which is not very useful as compare to the former). So now I have to go into settings to change HDR to on/off/auto. Ridiculous.

Why they remove app info shortcut from the long press app menu on homescreen. So I have to dive into the setting if I want to make changes to app permission. Crazy.

Other than that, everything looks like before, pretty happy with the new Oreo update.


    Damn.. I have not update mine yet, and I never noticed the app info shortcut before.. but now that you have mentioned it, and I have tried it, I would reluctant to update to oreo if they really removing it 🙁


joining the 1% club is more lonely man, 99% are very happy for not able to get the latest OS cause older OS still very stable and perfect despite there’s no further update or fix for most of the phones since day 1, syok sendiri mcm tfk Lel

    katak pretend swan


    what you think? three years tat apple team do not fix this bug, whats the point apple keep releasing new update without fixing bug?


The new Oreo conflicts the notifications of WhatsApp, that’s what I notice so far.

No popup notification sets in WhatsApp seems like being override by Oreo to default vibrate & also always pop-up & all messages are preset to ‘urgent’ and always pop-up, can’t reset anyway else.


    Same here…all my emails/whatsapp/fb/sms notification is not appearing unless i manually open the apps n check


Upgraded since first day, the biometrics have obviously improved. Especially iris scanner, both face and iris have increased the recognizing speed. So far no issues.


    agreed, like im changing my spectacle and it still can recognize me !


    yeah its very stable so far and biometrics really became super fast


My findings:

– Gmail finally recieves notification bubble 🙂
– Samsung Smart View is no longer able to connect to "The Frame" 🙁


my fon genot open app


Already has been expected, Android Oreo updates on Samsung Galaxy S8 will meet this fate. Suspension on new update is a must.

Samsheep should wait a little while before this update to be resumed. If not, you will be the victim of unstable software upgrade.


Same here. Top 3 battery usage is Android system and OS. number 4 is display


I have upgrade mine to Oreo.
But it seems my s8 are heating up fast if compare to previous firmware.
And also battery drain is a no joke.

Ole G

Probably the Orio 8.1 is coming??

Tony Koh

After up-dating my S8+ to 8.0.0
(a) The phone working is faster & snappier even with CPU set to run at 70%
(b) The text are sharper & blacker
(c) Photos & images are sharper & clearer
(d) Many of the newly incorporated functions makes the phone more pleasant to use & functional
(e) Overall, the 8.0.0 update makes the phone a much more pleasant, useful & functional.

ONLY Bug (so far)
Wireless charging takes 30% longer to charge the phone


I think Samsung needs a better software/firmware team. What a shame. Besides draining battery with the latest Oreo update, the notification section is a joke.They can’t even let us customize the notification properly – banners, badges, pop-ups, icons and indicator lights. Very frustrated.


My S8 battery life become so much shorter after the Oreo update.


Really? The update version ends with CRAP? That’s not very confidence inspiring.

katak pretend swan

samsung withdraw oreo update on S8/S8+ due to random reboot for some handset.

KC Ong

Had mine updated and I performed a clean factory reset once the Oreo is fully installed.

The phone has longer battery life and it runs like a boss.



    You are the only smart person here.
    After a major software update you absolutely must do a factory reset to get full performace.
    I don't know why they don't tell people this.


      Seems like the Samsung team is not as smart as some of its customers.


After oreo update, check and update all your apps, if still got problem backup ur phone and do factory reset, your phone will works very well then. The best feature of oreo are the pop up short cut when u hold press the apps icon. Xzs user here, already used the oreo for 2 months.


Yes after oreo update all my sensors got freezed in s8 plus, can anyone help on this issue.


    have you found a solution to this? having the same problem.


All is good except for the camera. The images it captured, is not as good as before.


No updares for my nokia?


The oreo update is garbage. The new folder Bubbles are shit and for some reason have deleted off my main screen 2x now. The search engine bar is horrible and you can’t get rid of it and switch it to the chrome search bar. Nothing works properly and I want to throw my phone against the wall. I have a 8+…i want my old system back.