OnePlus 5T review: Just a facelift, this is not

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Camera samples

Here are more photos captured with the OnePlus 5T. Click on each image to view its full resolution.

While only by a small margin, I think the OnePlus 5T takes better photos than its predecessor. The difference is hard to spot in good light because they both have that OnePlus-y post-processing (saturated colours, over-sharpened edges) about them, the differences are more obvious in low light. Noise management is slightly better and that makes a difference when the going gets dark.

One small touch I enjoyed about photography with the OnePlus 5T is the fact that you can add a semi custom watermark. Rather than have the generic manufacturer ones, you can also add your name or Instagram handle or whatever you want to it which is a pretty cool touch.

That said, I don’t think the difference in camera performance is big enough that OnePlus 5 owners should be kicking themselves. They’re both more than good enough for casual photography.

Good light

In this photo, OnePlus tendency to overprocess their images comes out:

Low light

This image was taken in pretty much a pitch black alley with auto-exposure. It still captured the colours reasonably well:




Close up

Portrait mode

The 5T kind of failed in this first image. Perhaps the lighting was a little challenging for it but it wasn’t very bokeh-ed:

I would also like to apologise for the lack of a Bonus Selfie. I know you guys love that. Fret not, it’ll return in the next phone review!

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8 Comments for OnePlus 5T review: Just a facelift, this is not


Better to buy this or Honor View10? Bcoz the price range is quite the same. Please help me decide thx.


    If you want better camera, Honor View10 is better. But they say you can improve Oneplus 5T camera by using ported Google Camera APK. Other than that, I think Oneplus 5T is better in most aspects.


    5T if u dont really care about the user details scandal


Sorry, no to Oneplus with the personal data stealing scandal and credit card security breach.

Oneplus no longer a flagship killer starting with the Oneplus 5. Honor 8 Pro and now Honor View 10 has dethroned this absurd overpriced phone.

Honor has just barely starting to reign as a new flagship killer.


    Overpriced? Got mine for rm1.9k. SD835, 6", 6gb ram and fast updates.


      Honor V10 malaysian set is now RM1.7k-RM1.8k for a new unit. Still cheaper than 5T when both are compared in online price and RRP price.

      And V10 comes with Project Treble support. The kernel source code is also released few days ago for people to mod so updates and customisation are in check.

      Both phones are great, but V10 somehow better this time.

        katak pretend swan

        you are right, honor view 10 similar to oneplus 5t. honor win by AI embeded. oneplus win by nearly stock android. both are great phone in these kind of price range.

katak pretend swan

good review but can go further detail.

unlock the phone – face unlock + fingerprint + double tap to wake screen make perfect unlocking the phone no matter what position the phone are.

ambient display – similar to AOD. better than AOD because does not drain out battery

IP67/68 – i used to be a fan for this feature, but once you got it, you will realise actually this feature doen’t matter. imagine you go swimming or waterpark, it is very annoy to bring a phone. you cant even enjoy just to think where should keep the phone safely to avoid been stolen. ppl doesn’t take under water photo too. for me, i never come across ppl compare underwater picture quality when they do review. do you really drop a phone to show your fren its IP68? even with IP68, ppl still take good care of their phone. splash proof shld be enough for the phone.

in developer setting, turn off all 3 animation setting. you will see the different in performance.

with rm2200 (11strts), its a good deal to have SD835+128GB+8GB.