Flexiroam is going to offer free WhatsApp data in 130 countries worldwide

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Alternative roaming solution provider, Flexiroam, is about to introduce its latest offering that’s called Flexiroam X2. This will allow users to enjoy free sponsored data for WhatsApp while travelling overseas. This new offering will be introduced in the second quarter of the year and they are now inviting users to take part in their beta program.

How Flexiroam X works is that they give you free data in exchange for simple interactions with their sponsors. It can be as simple as entering a voucher code, social interaction or watching a video. Of course, if you need more, you can always purchase a data quota that’s valid worldwide.

For those looking for just basic connectivity just to stay in touch, Flexiroam X2 beta will allow users to earn data for WhatsApp and possibly other specific apps. They didn’t share extra details like how much free WhatsApp data quota can one get but they are currently inviting WhatsApp users to sign up for the beta program.

Unlike a typical SIM card, Flexiroam X is actually a microchip sticker which you apply on top of your existing SIM. Once that’s done, you can manage which is your primary SIM through your phone’s SIM Toolkit settings, so you don’t need to swap SIMs physically. Of course, the downside is when your Flexiroam X SIM is active, you won’t be able to receive any incoming calls/SMS on your original number while roaming.

The benefit of Flexiroam is that the data you accumulate can be used throughout their partner telcos and you have a longer validity period which allows you to use the same data pool across different countries. This makes it perfect for short airport transits where subscribing to a daily roaming pass isn’t worth it.

If you’re interested, you can register your email here and Flexiroam will send invites out on 15 March 2018.

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5 Comments for Flexiroam is going to offer free WhatsApp data in 130 countries worldwide

The Unfortunate

avoid the promise to earn data.
Did that on first time on Flexiroam promo, data collected missing and the company change T&C even before complete 1 year. They just want free publicity, don't give that to them

so sick!

not only they want free publicity,
the want ur info and data so they can sell to others!

exasperated user

> free whatsapp quotas

> won’t be able to receive any incoming calls/SMS on original number while Flexiroam X SIM is active

isn’t whatsapp based on mobile number…?


    This is free data for WhatsApp. You can still use the same number for WhatsApp with a different simcard. Most people that travel usually pop-in a local SIM card and they are able to keep their current WhatsApp number. If you have reinstalled WhatsApp, then you’ll need to get sms verification using your original number.

Yeoh Huat Chee

Please send me one.Thanks