The new Samsung DeX Pad lets you use your Galaxy smartphone as a touchpad

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When the Galaxy S8/S8+ was announced, Samsung had also introduced the Samsung DeX. It’s a dock which allows you to extend your smartphone into a full desktop experience. By just hooking it up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, you can run multiple apps including Microsoft Office applications like an actual desktop computer.

For the upcoming Galaxy S9/S9+, Samsung will be releasing a new version that’s called the Samsung DeX Pad and here are a couple of pictures released by serial leakster @evleaks.

Unlike the original DeX, the new version looks like a power bank that comes a protruding connector at the bottom to mount your Galaxy device. At the rear, you’ll find two full-sized USB ports, an HDMI port for video output and a USB-C port for power.

Also visible at the top is a cooling vent which blows air to keep the device cool at all times.

If you’re wondering why the Dex Pad is designed this way, it’s because you can finally use your Galaxy device as a touchpad. If you don’t have a mouse, you can navigate through the screen using its on-screen touchpad.

As a comparison, the current DeX Station looks like a tiny puck which you can open to reveal a docking connector. It has an additional LAN port and a built-in fan which cools the back of the Galaxy device.

When Huawei announced their Mate 10 a few months ago, they had also introduced a similar DeX solution which you can hook up with most USB-C adapter/docks. The difference with Huawei is that you can still use your phone while it runs on EasyProjector mode. You can hook up a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth or simply use the Mate 10 as a touchpad and keyboard.

On top of that, if you received any notifications, it will only display on your phone and not on your desktop view. Since the new DeX Pad allows you to use the phone as a touchpad, there’s a chance that Samsung might offer a similar feature.

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5 Comments for The new Samsung DeX Pad lets you use your Galaxy smartphone as a touchpad

Wiling Tan

I just got the DeX for my Note 8. May be they can do a software tweak to make touch pad available too. I can see it working.

Aniki Tan

still they need to add in dual OS bcos ppl used to use Windows for working purpose, not just playing games and surfing internet, there are too many restriction using Android for business purpose

    YiFa Tan

    What about Windows Office Apps version ?


    We have tons of Samsung Atom-based tablet running Windows 10 dumped aside in the office. These Intel based-CPUs running real Windows are already getting cold shoulders, I don't know how would this pseudo-windows-desktop kind of experience can gain traction.


Hi SoyaCincau,

May I know why the new Dex PAD stil not available in Malaysia?