This sub-RM450 DJI-backed drone is now available for pre-order in Malaysia |

This sub-RM450 DJI-backed drone is now available for pre-order in Malaysia

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DJI Tello

For those who haven’t flown a drone before, the Tello is a compact drone that smaller than a Spark and it costs about 1/4 of the price. It’s made by a startup called Ryze Tech and it’s powered by both Intel and DJI. On top of that, the Tello is also programmable, making it an educational tool to get kids started with coding.

With a price tag of less than RM500, it’s rather affordable and it’s now available for pre-order in Malaysia.

A couple of online retailers have started accepting pre-orders at about RM449-500. According to this listing on Lazada, the Tello stocks are expected to arrive sometime between 15-31 March 2018.

To recap, the Tello has a 5MP camera that’s capable of shooting HD 720p videos. Since it’s an entry-level drone, there’s no gimbal but it has digital image stabilisation. The drone itself weighs just 80 grams and it has a flight time of 13 minutes per charge.

Since the flight controller is powered by DJI, it claims to be easy to use and you can start flying by simply tossing the Tello into the air. There are EZ Shot presets which allows anyone to capture circle, 360 and up & away footages easily.

In terms of range, it can transmit live footage up to 100m in distance and it supports first-person view with a compatible VR headset. Take note that there’s no remote control included so you will need to use your smartphone. For those who want to do more, you can program customisable movements using the Scratch platform.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order the Tello at Lazada Malaysia or via DronesKaki.

Thanks Shaun Paul Lee for the tip!

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10 Comments for This sub-RM450 DJI-backed drone is now available for pre-order in Malaysia


erk…13 minutes only.. if play that thing almost everyday.. means everyday must charge 2 3 times.

everyday charge.. means battery will die faster (battery counter let say 1000 times)

so that thing can last for a year..until next battery replacement. (if can be remove)

    Think before Talk

    this will apply to every single drone outside if you saying like this, think before talk.

      think using brain

      drones with larger battery need to charge less frequently and battery lasts longer . think using brainla


    You want better, buy a RM5000 drone. Even that the max is less than 30 minutes. Can always buy extra batteries.


    You must be a special kind of stupid.


    If you fly a drone everyday, you won’t buy this piece of shit.


haha budus.. ingat kena caj setiap 13 minit ke?.. bateri tu besar lagi la..
13 minit tu limit penerbangan.. bukan ketahanan bateri..

yg lain pun.. kutuk jer pandai.. bukan reti perbetul org..

sombong betul


    Dari artikel: it has a flight time of 13 minutes per charge.
    Ya bateri mmg lebih besar tapi bateri reserve tu utk return ke balik ke home.

kingkong bundy

why stated as DJI official product while it is not? it is using DJI technology but build by another company.


This is a DJi-backed drone built by Ryze Tech of China. It uses DJI technology and Intel processor. Some advertisement claims this is a DJI product. It’s incorrect. This drone is not suitable for anyone who want to take lots of aerial photos, high altitudes or fast movements (race). Enjoy your Tello.