This is how much the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will cost in Malaysia

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UPDATE: Microsoft Malaysia reveals the official launch date for the Surface Book 2!

Earlier we found out that the Surface Book 2 will be up for pre-orders in Malaysia tomorrow, courtesy of Thunder Match Technology. What we didn’t realise was that you could already place your pre-orders for the 2-in-1 detachable laptop on Lazada.

Lazada retailer GLOO STORE has begun accepting pre-orders for the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Both the 13.5″ and the 15″ sizes are available for a total of 5 different spec configurations. Here they are, you can hit the links to place your pre-order:


Intel Core i7-8650U / NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics / 8GB RAM / 256GB storage — RM10,799
Intel Core i7-8650U / NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics / 16GB RAM / 512GB storage — RM12,499


Intel Core i5-7300U / HD 620 graphics / 8GB RAM / 256GB storage  — RM6,899
Intel Core i7-8650U / NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics / 8GB RAM / 256GB storage — RM8,899
Intel Core i7-8650U / NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics / 16GB RAM / 512GB storage — RM11,199

This means that we’ll be getting pretty much every variant of the Surface Book 2 except the ones with 1TB of storage. According to the entries, the 13.5″ laptops will arrive by the end of February 2018 while the 15″ devices will hit our shores by the end of March.

What do you guys think of the prices for the Surface Book 2? Will you be getting one? Let me know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Microsoft Malaysia announces that the Surface Book 2 will officially launch on the 15th of March 2018. 

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14 Comments for This is how much the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will cost in Malaysia

Siao liao

Cheap mah.. Our government said we have high GDP. Strong spending power. Many new cars on the road. Many people go overseas for holidays. Doesn’t matter if on loan or what, as long we spend means the country is in good health!

    David Tan

    True. That is why we need to change to pakatan. Im sure RM will get better than what it is now. And their "save malaysia" campaign? well, maybe current economy is good, but under pakatan, it will be a lot better. Now International Departure Hall at malaysian airports are empty. Fill em under pakatan rule.



always the politic


[Wts] kidney, arms and legs. PM preferred.


Don't need to buy if don't need it… of course then there will be one stupid fella cursing bodohkambing….
May Allah rest his soul….


    may Allah cure your stupidity and give you the courage to admit it and become a better man


      May you rest in peace…. you have become brain dead….. what a wasted sperm… pity the donor…

katak pretend swan

who goin to need that? apple always best!! stable OS, price high also never mind.


    stable OS?
    im using Macbook Pro for my software development almost 5months now … yes looks cool bro but few time my OS crashed or black screen with error msg. that similar to the famous blue screen error on windows, last time im using IBM laptop for development not really hitting blue screen error.


      cover your webcam, maybe you too ugly macos also cannot tahan keep crashing & black screen. stop abusing your laptop.


      u sure u not downloading a lot of porn?


too expensive ! the rich getting richer


About expected pricing. Expensive, especially for the highest-end 15" SB2, but that is obviously not targeted at your average user. Overall, the price is will worth it for the current best laptop in the world.


    congrats for posting the only mature comment, haha.. SSD is still havent drop until so called affordable price yet.