Samsung Galaxy S9 Unpacked event is happening on 25 February

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Barcelona Unpacked

As confirmed by their mobile chief, the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ launch is taking at Barcelona at the end of next month. The South Korean smartphone maker has just announced their next Unpacked event and it’s happening a day before Mobile World Congress 2018.

The key focus of the Galaxy S9 will be its camera. According to their invite, Samsung aims to showcase their latest Galaxy products that reimagine the camera and redefines the way you share your moments.

From what we’ve seen so far, the upcoming flagship smartphone camera could offer even faster autofocus, higher quality slow-mo videos and an interesting variable aperture of f/1.5/f2.4. To differentiate the Galaxy S9+ further, it will carry a dual-camera setup that’s similar to the Galaxy Note8.

The event is taking place at 6PM (CET) on Sunday, 25 February 2018. This is at 1AM on 26 February Malaysian time. You can catch the live stream on Samsung’s website.

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8 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S9 Unpacked event is happening on 25 February


same old same old…..


    ikr, from 6 , to 6s, to 7, to 8 . same old same old. yawwnnnn


This is something new, at least it’s not the same old phone anymore. It’s now a “Camera” !

Who needs a phone that takes pictures? We need cameras that can make calls !

Just when will Canon and Nikon having their DSLR making phone calls I wonder. Sony AlphaPeria is almost here too.


I will continue to buy from Samsung and non-Chinese manufacturers for safety reasons.

Oneplus breached of securities, Xiaomi suspicious Android’s GPL violation, ZTE and Huawei direct interference of Chinese Communist Government, make me try to avoid Chinese manufacturers for now although they are offering alluring prices, advance technology, and much improved software.

Samsung Galaxy S9 might be the answer to perfecting previous Galaxy S8 lacking especially its fingerprint sensor placement.


    Like samsung never been burst out in plane before. Lol. Yes, the product are surely put safety first. Haha


    samsung may have spyware. Every 2 years my samsung a series will just spoilt by itself .


      To both of you,

      Oneplus’ credit card security breach is not a joke. You might end up with debts that you’re not even aware of until the bill came to you.

      8-Steps battery safety check by Samsung after Note 7 incident making their Quality Control tighten. We can’t change the past but we could save our own future from fraudulent, spying on our personal information, and cyber attacks.


        Not only our own personal information. Our phones now also keep friends and relatives information. Irresponsible use and inadequate protection may lead to security breaches that could also compromise others privacy and security.

        Scammers may also use these info to cheat and stalk.