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OPPO’s got another dashing new limited edition F5 for you this v-day

OPPO will be releasing another limited edition version of their full-view smartphone, the OPPO F5. This time it’s called the OPPO F5 Dashing Blue Edition and I think you already know what makes it special.

Yeah, it’s blue. OPPO’s releasing this smartphone for Valentine’s day and it is supposed to represent the “purity of love”. I think the norm is to release a red smartphone for Valentine’s but since the F5 already comes in red, blue’s the next best thing.

It’s hard to deny that the colour is striking though. In the press materials they sent over, the phone looks rather pretty. This special edition is supposed to “perfectly mirror the light” with an “eye catching effect on the chassis of the device”. I can’t really tell from photos, but if you do see one in the shops after the launch let me know how it does that.

The last F5 special edition came in black and it was a smartphone for the fans of Fattah Amin. That one came with a whole bunch of merch that had his face on it including stickers, postcards, posters, selfies, and even a mini standee.

With the Dashing Blue Edition, OPPO hasn’t revealed what kind of goodies they’re bundling with it. We also don’t know when it will go on sale or how much it will cost, so stay tuned to the OPPOstore and their Facebook page for the details.