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Here are possible new camera features on the Galaxy S9

Everyone expects a better camera with each iteration of a flagship smartphone. Based on a leaked retail box, the upcoming Galaxy S9 is expected to come with a faster dual-pixel camera with a variable aperture plus a new Super Slow-mo feature which could rival Sony’s 960fps slow-mo.

Now Samsung has revealed a new ISOCELL image sensor which could be fitted on the Galaxy S9.

For improved performance in low light situations, the new sensor has a new Tetracell technology which improves light sensitivity by merging four neighbouring pixels to work as one. With a Smart WDR feature, it takes multiple exposures in a single shot for greater details in both bright and dark areas.

For an even faster focus, it uses a Dual Pixel Super PD sensor with a 3-stack Fast Readout Sensor for high-speed capture in Full HD. Without elaborating much, Samsung claims this would enable faster and more accurate focus even with moving objects.

Apparently, it can also take 480 fps slow-mo videos in 1080p and in theory, it might be possible to take an even faster 960 fps if the resolution is dropped to HD 720p resolution. As a comparison, the Sony Xperia XZs and above can shoot 960fps videos in HD 720p but at a short burst of less than 2 seconds. It would be interesting to see if Samsung can increase its super slow-mo recording duration.

As bezel-less phones are becoming a trend, the ISOCELL pixel sensor has a slim profile of just 0.9um, making it possible to shrink the overall camera module. It also opens up new dual-camera possibilities such as optical zoom, low-light shooting and depth sensing for out-of-focus effects.

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All shall be revealed by end of next month as Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S9/S9+ at Mobile World Congress 2018.


Alexander Wong