Get up to RM560 off on a brand new Apple iPhone X

Want to get your hands on the best iPhone ever made? The game changer? The smartphone that supposed to rewrite the way we use phones? Well, now you can get a brand new iPhone X for up to a whopping RM561 off.

Yeap, Wow Phone on Lazada is selling the iPhone X for some pretty ridiculous prices right now. The iPhone X 64GB (RRP RM5,149) is selling for just RM4,588, which means you save a total of RM561. If you want more storage, the iPhone X 256GB (RRP RM5,899) is also retailing for RM5,388, saving you RM511.

These are also iPhones with original Apple Malaysia warranty. It’s worth noting that at the time of writing, there’s only one 64GB iPhone X left in stock so you’d better hurry if you don’t want to miss it. Here’s where you can buy them:

iPhone X 64GB — RM5,149 RM4,588
iPhone X 256GB — RM5,899 RM5,388

Digging around Lazada, you can also find some iPhone Xs with pretty good deals (though beware of import sets/dodgy sellers). If you’re willing to risk it, this imported iPhone X 64GB is retailing for RM4,399, saving you a whopping RM750. However, do so at your own risk because it is an imported set.