Samsung takes on Apple’s Face ID with its latest Exynos 9810 chip

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Exynos 9810

After a brief appearance, Samsung has officially announced its latest Exynos 9810 chip that will power its upcoming flagships, the Galaxy S9/S9+. This will be based on Samsung’s second generation 10nm FinFET process which provides better performance with its 3rd generation custom CPU and has support for even faster gigabit LTE connectivity. The new Exynos chip also boasts advanced 3D facial recognition capabilities with a hint of AI.

While it’s still based on an advanced 10nm process, the Exynos 9810 has a brand new octa-core processor with four new 3rd generation custom cores that clocks at 2.9GHz. Meanwhile, while the remaining four cores are optimised for efficiency. Compared to its predecessor, you can expect double the performance on single-core and 40% better performance for multi-core.

To enhance the user experience, the Exynos 9810 will feature neural network-based deep learning and stronger security features. This would enable the processor to accurately recognise people or objects for faster image searching or categorisation.

What’s interesting is that it’s also used for 3D facial scanning for hybrid face recognition. By using both hardware and software, Samsung says its hybrid face detection enables realistic face-tracking filters as well as stronger security when face unlocking is used. Looks like Samsung is taking on both Huawei’s Kirin 970’s NPU capabilities and Apple’s Face ID feature on their latest chip. To keep your personal data safe, it will store your facial, iris and fingerprint information in a separate security processing unit.

To support demanding UHD video streaming and 360-degree video content, the new Exynos chip will feature the industry’s first Cat.18 LTE modem with 6x carrier aggregation (6CA). This would enable download speeds of 1.2Gbps and uploads of 200Mbps. To deliver a higher data transfer rate, it also supports 4×4 MIMO and 256-QAM.

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With the new Exynos chip, users can expect advanced image and video stabilisation in UHD as well as real-time “out-of-focus photography” in high resolution. On top of that, the multi-format codec (MFC) can support UHD (4K) video recording and playback at an incredible 120fps.

The Exynos 9810 chip is already in mass production and it will be powering Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 alongside a Snapdragon 845 variant. Traditionally, Samsung releases the Exynos version for the Malaysian market so we can expect the Exynos 9810 chip on our Galaxy S9 units.


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21 Comments for Samsung takes on Apple’s Face ID with its latest Exynos 9810 chip


I am not really sure if this piece of news is “bigger” than the Meltdown and Spectre issue.


.. and strangely, why take on Face ID when many makers already have had face authentication years before ?


    face id and face unlock thing uses different concept. look it up.


take on Apple? copy you mean…


    Exactly. Samsung now trying to copy Apple’s face unlock creation. What is next? Steal apple’s wireless charging and fast Charging? Apple always innovate for others to follow.


      When on earth Apple had wireless charging and fast charging before Android phones? Don’t talk nonsense


        Face ID is a compensation for onscreen fingerprint sensor which apple failed to integrate in iPhone X.


          Not failed, yet.


          I am not sure if we can call it a compensation since the Face ID stuffs are costlier and more complex to implement than the now command Touch ID.

          Unless we are talking about Touch ID below screen, which many Android makers are now busy incorporating into their 2018 line-ups, as rumoured last year.

          This is the tech many are waiting, don’t waste time on Face.


        Sarcasm dei

      not a sheep

      i like this. next level sarcasm. 🙂


      hahaha..nice trolling. Gut job. Much wow.


Oh look, they are copying Apple..


I think they should be focusing on on-screen fingerprint scanner instead of wasting resources to match Apple’s features. Now THIS IS KILLER feature (how many times we have heard Samsung’s killer features honestly? Remember fucking airtouch or something? Apple’s 3D Touch is already a staple on iPhones and it didn’t turn out gimmicky at all after all these years)

Face ID is no doubt caused a stir in the industry with OnePlus already having the same competitive feature that is superior than Face ID itself.


    the approach between 2 companies are quite different. when Samsung wasn’t busy copying and tried to innovate, the usually will just throw things on the wall and see what sticks.
    Apple on the other hand rarely roll out a feature that they don’t plan to follow through.
    You can see the determination that Apple has by removing the fingerprint scanner and redesign the UI.. they didn’t leave a room to fall back.


      agree in terms of 'samsung throwing things on the wall and see what sticks'. as they have been introducing features and features across the past years (some works, some don't ; remember the eye ball tracking scrolling funny gimmick)

      Apple on the other hand, created an environment and forced their users to adapt to it ~
      end of story 😀

Nokia 3310

faster gigabit LTE connectivity. –> Raja Lawak


once a copyking, always a copyking. so samsung fans pls stop bashing ur papa apple.


In actual fact, Apple the one who copy nokia technology. Now Apple makes more money from iphone user with many excuses.


    That's true, and tracing back, Nokia also had made lots of money from the Alexander Graham Bell's invention.


Any of u have ever made anything wireless? Or anything what will work pretty good? Just anything? I mean common what all this about. They trying and its going well. Stop with those comments copy from apple blah blah. Im sure not all of u even can draw apple logo. Hmm. Thank samsung keep going u always best. Pffff commentators go try do something on this earth.