Switch offers discounted battery replacements for your “slow” iPhone

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DIscounted iPhone Battery replacement malaysia switch

In case you missed it, Apple has been throttling older iPhones on the latest iOS version if it detects an aged battery. If your iPhone is getting slow because of an old and faulty battery, you have more places to get your battery replaced with a discount in Malaysia.

Apart from Machines, Switch is also offering discounted replacements for older iPhones and this covers the iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X.

A new battery would cost RM129 all-in, and that’s inclusive of GST and labour charges. The discounted battery replacement is available at Switch service centres and it takes about 5-7 working days to replace. Previously, a battery replacement from Switch would cost you RM350 for the iPhone SE, RM400 for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and RM450 for the iPhone 6s and above.

According to their repair page, this replacement is subject to eligibility based on the physical condition of your iPhone. For example, if your device has a cracked screen, it would complicate the process and that has to be resolved first before they can proceed with a battery replacement. If your device is still under warranty, your faulty battery can be replaced with no charges.

You can find the nearest Switch Service Centre here.

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6 Comments for Switch offers discounted battery replacements for your “slow” iPhone


Also 5-7 days nia…. Ada labour charge pun lambat like fug..


    no labor charge maybe 14 working days ?


iphone very advance, very powerful, things inside are complicated.


Never been the expensive apple fans but I think is a good intentions made. Apple should give options to user in the ios setting to choose whether to throttle down the cpu to saves battery just like the stamina mode in the xperia phone. 2 years is the lifetime to buy new phone, even you changed the battery do you expect to use it for another 2 years?


    Oh definitely yes for me. I used the first year, passed on to my wife for 2nd year then, my mum for the 3rd and coming 4th year.

    The iPhone 6+ is still working fine for her – social apps, and puzzle games beside service as a camera phone.

    With OS update and now discounted battery replacement, hopefully it can proceed to the 5th year gracefully.

Rocky Tan

use some apps to check your phone/battery status first before changing, i checked on my 2 years + iPhone6 and it still running on 1.4ghz processor speed. so doesn't need to change battery yet (thought the battery performance drop from 1800 > 16xx, battery dry faster by maybe 15% only)