Nokia 6 (2018) could launch by end of this week and it’s a significant step up

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When Nokia made a comeback early last year, the Nokia 6 was their top of the line device (before the Nokia 8) and it came with stock Android. Priced at RM999, it is a solidly built phone, but unfortunately, it packs an entry-level Snapdragon 430 processor at a mid-range smartphone price range.

That’s going to change for 2018 as Nokia appears to be launching a new one and it’s looking like a proper mid-range device.

According to NokiaPowerUser, a retailer in China had indicated that the Nokia 6 2018 will be launched in 3 days time, so it could be revealed as early as this Friday.

Based on its TENAA certification photos, the Nokia 6 will still retain a similar 5.5″ Full HD display and an aluminium unibody design. While the competition is adopting a “FullView” 18:9 display, the Nokia 6 2018 will still retain a 16:9 display aspect ratio but the bezels will be thinner and it’s made even more compact with the removal of physical buttons and fingerprint sensor from the front. The new model will get a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor as shown below and it retains the similar looking camera module from the Nokia 5.

Under the hood, it is said that it would run on a Snapdragon 630 processor that’s mated to 4GB RAM. It would have at least 32GB of onboard storage and it is expected to retain the same 3,000mAh capacity battery. If Nokia retains the same RM999 price tag for this 2018 model, this can be an interesting stock Android contender under RM1,000. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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12 Comments for Nokia 6 (2018) could launch by end of this week and it’s a significant step up


Smart move on Nokia's part to stick to 16:9 and reduce the height of the phone.


2018 still 16:9 ratio screen with single lense camera ?? Why move fingerprint scanner to the back when it's not even a 18:9 ratio screen ?


    Because the bottom bezel is too narrow now.


      Huawei Honor V10 can fit in a front fingerprint scanner despite having 18:9 ratio screen & thin bottom bazel, so why can't Nokia ?


        Good point. Sony can also fit a fingerprint sensor on their narrow power button but I have also always wondered whether these really narrow fingerprint sensors are as accurate/safe as the larger circular ones since there is a smaller surface area to work with for authetication.
        Not a fan of these long 18:9 phones unless Android moves the notification panel to the bottom where it is easier to swipe.


          The narrow one is as good as circular. Just first time register could be more sample needed


It will be a step up if it includes a mirroring screen app. My 2017 model does not have this feature.sigh!!


Fantastic..once again Nokia will be the biggest FLOP of the decade…competitors are invading with 18:9 display even with inferior hardware…but nokia still clings on to ages outdated 16:9..pathetic…i promise you nokia will never regain its market unless it launches with 18:9 display with minimum 5.7" inch….
if it doesnt i humbly suggest hmd to make a time travel to 10000 B.C and rule the market…


If maintain 5.5inch with full display then will be very compact, i'll buy. Loves nokia low profile black design, not like those shinny gloss blue gold china phone.


Its gonna be tough for nokia. At that price tag u would get better performance on xiaomi, vivo or lenovo.

    Rangka Kacang

    Rest in pieces, Lenovo. Who the heck still using this crap in 2018?


Would prefer if Nokia surprise us with a slightly bigger battery. Xiaomi’s Redmi line runs circles around th competition in this segment because of that simple aspect.