This new broadband provider promises 100% coverage throughout Malaysia

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The best way to get your home online is definitely with Fibre broadband. For those who are not covered, the next best alternative would be 4G broadband. Unfortunately, some people don’t have access to these two options. For these underserved population, they don’t have much choice except for ADSL services like Streamyx or slower 3G/2G connectivity.

Now it appears there’s a new player in town and it promises to provide 100% coverage throughout Malaysia. This means every home can enjoy faster speeds where Fibre and 4G aren’t available.

This new provider is called CONNECTme and it is expected to launch on 8 March this year. Unlike your typical broadband provider, CONNECTme uses satellite for access which allows you to stay connected nationwide, provided there’s a line of sight to the satellite.

In terms of plans, they are focusing on home usage for now but it isn’t unlimited. For on-demand usage, it will cost you RM25/GB, while their fixed monthly commitment option costs RM450/month with 25GB of quota. Once you’ve hit your quota limit, your web browser will direct you to a page to purchase more data. Kindly note that prices shown are not inclusive of GST.

CONNECTme promises download speeds of up to 15Mbps on a best effort basis, however, don’t expect latency to be as great as fibre. According to CONNECTme, it takes a quarter of a second to reach the satellite (250ms – one way) so it isn’t recommended if you plan to use it for real-time gaming and application. However, they do mention that the experience should be fine for web browsing, video streaming and VOIP calls.

For the on-demand option, there will require a massive upfront fee of RM2,500 + RM500 for an annual fee but this comes with free 25GB of monthly data for the first 6 months. CONNECTme charges RM500 for installation fee and surprisingly, it doesn’t come with a wireless router. If you need one, it will cost you RM300. Another surprise is that Support is listed as an RM50/monthly add-on for both plans.

Contract-wise, the on-demand option doesn’t have a lock-in period while the fixed option has a 6-months contract.

Like Astro, satellite services can be disrupted by bad weather. According to their FAQ, you may experience slower speeds for 15-30 minutes during a downpour and it could get longer if the rain is really heavy.

Registration of interest is now open and you can submit your details on their website if you’re interested. CONNECTme says that installation can be done within two working days from sign up. It’s also mentioned that the two-way satellite service would require an Apparatus Assignment from MCMC which is typically approved within 60 days.

The company behind CONNECTme is Pesat Sutramas Sdn Bhd and their office is located at Menara Maxis. According to its MYNIC domain records, CONNECTme is registered under Measat Satelite Systems, so it’s likely that the broadband service is using its current network of satellites.

To sum it up, CONNECTme is an alternative option for users that are located in places where Fibre and 4G connectivity isn’t possible. To get 15Mbps in the middle of nowhere is a privilege for some but the downside is its high cost and possibly lower performance during bad weather. As a comparison, you can get 100Mbps Fibre broadband from as low as RM149 on Time, RM259 on TM and RM299 on Maxis. We’ll try to get more details once it goes official.


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34 Comments for This new broadband provider promises 100% coverage throughout Malaysia


really don't understand what justified their business model?? few times more expensive than cellular, interrupted during heavy rain, plus high latency.


    People who don't have 3G/4G or Fibre connections. Such as outskirts of town area, forestry, shipping/boating.
    There are also aviation people who work above city skylines which even 4G don't reach.

    People like you might never know the world outside of Facebook and Starbucks.


    Your comment indicates how ignorant you are when it comes to such topic. I'm not sure did you even bother to read the entire article or not.

    You live in a metropolitan area where cellular and internet services literally covers every square inch of the city. Unfortunately, for people that lives in suburban area, island, village and undeveloped area like inner Sabah and Sarawak (rural area), internet could be a luxury or something that they can never enjoy.

    "Information is critical to the social and economic activities that comprise the development process. Telecommunications, as a means of sharing information, is not simply a connection between people, but a link in the chain of the development process itself. "
    Heather Hudson. 1995.

    At the end of the Twentieth Century, people in rural and remote areas of developing countries are facing many unprecedented challenges brought on by the changing global economy, dynamic political contexts, environmental degradation and demographic pressures. The number of food insecure around the world continues to increase. To deal with these challenges, and to make critical decisions, people at all levels of society, and especially the food insecure and the organizations that serve and represent them, must be able to access critical information and communicate.

    I can continue and give you even more supporting facts but people like you will never even bother to read.

    Long story short, such services is definitely beneficial instead of harmful. The only problem is, I would advice them to tune down the pricing as this will benefit schools that doesn't has any internet access. In return such schools that manage to gain internet access will allow their students to access such facilities and empower them with the right tools to face the never ending challenging world out there. I believe this is where the government should step in to put a workable solution so that everyone in such area can stand to benefit from this. The government can even reduce the corporate tax for Pesat Sutramas Sdn Bhd should they decides to bring down the pricing packages.


their customer would be non city areas, non town area, applicable to extreme remote areas which i see a handful customer based as remote areas must be well to do enough to subscribe.


TM, Maxis and many other private companies also provide services such as this via the Ku-Band or C-band Measat satellites, so I suspect this company might just be using the same technology.

Perhaps if you compare them with this of the same market and technology, this offer might be cheaper compared to existing ones.


Dumbass plan…who in the world would subscribe to these exorbitantly priced plans?? O&G companies perhaps?..But so many has gone bust recently…If they are looking at the rural ppl. as potential,…these ppl are taking handout from want them to subscribe to this plan that is worse than TM?! Hahahaha..Maybe it's another B-end harebrained plan to distract from 1MDB.


    ive seen dumb comments before but this out of the sudden ;

    ' Maybe it's another B-end harebrained plan to distract from 1MDB. '

    out off all ones, amazed me the most.


pay RM2,500(upfront) + RM500(annual) + RM500 (installation) + RM300 (wireless router) a total RM3800 , and monthly fees RM450,

you get 25GB with 15Mbps (best effort, maybe lower when rain, look at astxo )

i would say: wow!


Launched 4 mths too early. Should have launched on 1 April. 2018 for better publicity and say this is not April’s Fool Joke.

But seriously, this service is too expensive for the masses to even want to consider.


i hope this company will fail. this is a total scam.


If their target is non urban centers where normal internet is not available, ok that’s good.

But can these people afford to pay the premium price?? Hell even urban dwellers will scoff at such prices!

Tmnut Screamyx

I pay RM90/month for WeBe and i get unlimited calls plus unlimited data ….even when it rains. Why would i want to pay more for a max cap of 25Gb per month at exorbitant price. Is this a New Year’s joke? Really?


Well….too expensive….so limited customer. Will not last long.


More like a Con than Connect


For those in town with internet already head up to ur kuku bird.. Then this is not for u guys… So just chill… Have u ever travel to any rural areas which they still having a connection worst then dial up …if no then I suggest u guys go n travel around…this is for the kampung people mah… Mah cow hai.. Laid diam la.. Tak tau takmau Cerita mah…


    Kampung people/orang asli also kan? Kayanya dia orang kan kan ….WOW

    pay RM2,500(upfront) + RM500(annual) + RM500 (installation) + RM300 (wireless router) a total RM3800 , and monthly fees RM450,


      Mangkuk kau… Dia org dapat government subsidies bangang…. Koh nie cerita cam otak kat lutut…. N for ur info they can share the amount among them… This is base on my knowledge la when travel to kmpg org asli… Yang kau sebok apahai.. Berak tak cebok…


    they got br1m

Mohammad Hafiz

This is definitely not for common people. not even for kampung folk. But i can see its application for business purposes & research, people who needs absolute connection in remote area such as jungle, sea, small islands etc.

    Rizal kukusham

    Yea bang… Not even kampung folk itu kau tak leh tell… It’s up to them to decide since they can’t enjoy the proper internet connection… At least this might help them.. So u just chill bro


Business plan is to make profit during setup. The rest don’t matter.


Dead on arrival.


Judging by the comments here, I'd say this article failed to explain the reason of existence of this company.


    Judging by your comment, you have failed to READ.


This is VSAT technology

exasperated user

facepalms. many facepalms.

you guys kept comparing pricing to tower-based communications and landlines.

it already said there to be using satellite network. you can’t even start to compare its exorbitant price against the usual suspects.



    Their logic must be wireless satellite is cheaper because there’s no need to pay for cables. Someone is commuting daylight robbery to charge more than wired internet. Wireless should pay less.


    Agree. This is why I just keeping quiet about this matter. Typical Malaysian that think they knows everything.


kampung ppl : what is Internet ?

kun ji boy

Kampung people might be less educated…but I believe some of them are earning 3 times more than what an average urban area executive making in a month…for them this might boost up their business and at the same time will be useful for their children education…and RM 450 probably a small fraction for them….don’t compare between Nokia 3310 and iPhone 10 and complain later…both devices are made for communication purpose but for different market segments.


We live in a huge country. Therefore, we still need satellite based technology communications. If we live in Singapore, there is no need for such a technology. So, please don't criticise.

Rangka Kacang

LOL. I skipped the whole comment section and post my opinions before I change my mind.

This package in overview is a total NONSENSE even if it’s for rural or suburban area. If I am to live on a RM450/month and RM2500 upfront payment + RM500 annual fee, I would rather move to city and rent a penthouse (ok, that’s a little exaggerating) or maybe an apartment and live off with Digi Infnite RM150. Screw you newcomers, whatever happened to WeBe? Everyone knows Telekom Malaysia Berhad is a monopoly organization. If you want to be a player in the field, change the government first. Stupid Malaysia, in other countries, home broadband can reach more than 500Mbps 5 times cheaper than our local market price — ok, I didn’t do research, it’s not exact numbera but you get what I mean.


I thought wireless is cheap, why so expensive?


Greetings all! Wah the comments!? Please let me educate you on ‘Kampung’ people, we know about internet (surprise surprise) most of us are quite well of as we own our own land and cultivate and keep what we earn coz we don’t have to pay rent etc. Most of us are highly educated and CHOOSE to live in Kampung coz of the better quality of life. Those who made stupid comments on kampung people obviously has never been to a kampung and seen bangalo houses built on a hillside. The price is steep compared to other options in the city, i agree, but Believe it or not, we can afford it, coz the next option would be ‘no internet’. I guess this service is for people like me then.
Come and visit us in Sarawak nexttime, and have a feel of the kampung life.