Apple reveals how much it’ll cost to replace the battery of your “slow” iPhone in Malaysia

Posted:  December 30, 2017   By:    48 comments   

Yesterday, Apple had apologised for slowing down its older iPhones on purpose if it has an aged battery. To regain its original performance, you’ll need to replace the battery. As gesture of good will, Apple is offering a discount to affected users and now they have revealed its pricing for the Malaysian market.

According to its Malaysian page of the announcement, the original battery costs RM369 and they are offering a discounted price of just RM129. That’s savings of RM240 off.

Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement by RM 240 — from RM 369 to RM 129 — for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, available worldwide through December 2018. Details will be provided soon on

In the US, the battery replacement costs US$79 (about RM321) while the discounted replacement costs US$29 (about RM117).

The actual battery replacement process isn’t shared yet but it’s likely done through its authorised service providers across Malaysia. In the past, Apple have used these channels to handle their battery replacement programs. We will update once we have more info.

The discounted battery replacement offer is applicable for the iPhone 6 and above and it will be available until December 2018.

UPDATE: The RM129 battery replacement is now available at Machines and Switch service centres in Malaysia.


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48 Comments for Apple reveals how much it’ll cost to replace the battery of your “slow” iPhone in Malaysia


Crapple Apple.


    Exactly, charges so high.

    In US, Samsung S7 battery replacement service only costs US$73 only. Apple charges US$79, why $6 higher ?

    Throat cutting.


      not sure trolling or stupid


        It's up to both camps to interpret.


LOL at good will. There's not such thing from Apple.


Cheating and forced us to replace and still call it goodwill. It must be free coz they were caught cheating knowingly. Dishonest and still calling godwill.


So what about us who have iPhone 5s? Stumble in the dark?


    Using iPhone 5s in 2018? you are living in the dark.


      Lol, you must be apple fanboy as you change to new one when apple release new device. Old device like iphone5 or 5s still good enough for daily use, so why do we need to change it. I already change battery but still have lagging problem in ibook apps. Old ios work fine but now I cannot downgrade. So, I toss away my stupid apple device and use android now.


        You toss a device (brand) but you switch to another platform.

        It’s like “I dumped Nissan, switching to SUV now”

        Strange, you use Android now , which brand ? There are definitely crappy android phones like those RM199 ones.

        Unless you are saying, you tossed Apple and switch to another premium brand Samsung now.


          Using an Iphone or a premium android phone make you looks more high class?
          I can afford it doesn't mean I need it. Time to grow up kids, it's 2018.
          BUT I don't blame you, it's typical Malaysian kia-su mindset.


      Lol good one!


Nothing mention on iPad as it’s equally the same…

    Pen Fan

    Ya, what about iPad?


      Em..Before the battery we need remove the touch screen 1st and then LCD,but a bit risky the t.screen may crack anytime…


Apple said they will continue slowing down phones, then why valid until Dec 2018 only? After that back to normal price is it? Lol, apple still managed to create false marketing even caught red handed.


Instead of giving free battery replacement, Apple still wants to milk money from their customers.
Greediest company ever.


Exactly, Proton free replace power window time, a lot others car dealer go to carsifu site continuous attacking Proton, same rule apply here.


Rm80… DIY change battery using reputable 3rd party.. done in 30mins..Apple dont need more money from us


Bodo katak never use iphone don’t know the powerful speed of Apple, otak tak jalan and not afford buy it, jealous ifan use the powerful speed ultra smooth iphone, disguise as ifan come to make stupid false comment #foreverstayatbottom#


    iPhone is just as cheap as Samsung and HTC. It's even FREE in the US on postpaid plans. You think people who don't use apple can't afford it? Oh.. you don't know? Because your brain has been eaten by rotten Apple.


    Pity the fools that never felt the throttle power of Apple. Android forever at the bottom because Apple users forced to pay thousands for new phone but actual problem can be fixed cheaper with new battery.


    your english so bad that you need to mix it with a low class lang?


    u will sue apple or u will said no to the discount and pay full price or u will stay at the slow speed. which are u?


    What the f are you talking about?

    Nagandran Ayakannu

    Yes you are right, Bodo katak never use iPhone..


a cheater will always cheat !

T Ng

Wat about earlier models. It’s slower but still functioning well. I am a retired man of 75 years. Can’t afford to keep changing to newer models. Hope you can be more considerate. Thank u very much


caught red-handed but still want to argue. if this never been found out? who is the bodoh kambing?


How about restore the speed without changing battery?

You made mistake and force us to buy battery from you?

WTF is happening with you, Apple?


All apple user are being screw by apple


apple is such a snake


RM 300 for a battery?
Get a new latest phone instead.
Not Iphone 8
Get Android phones.
Or this will happen again

Rm129 is too cheap!

Apple should charge Rm1290 instead.

I’m too rich now. I just received Rm 2.6 billion donation from an Arabic guy!

Kai Hock Gan

I dint get it. Isn’t this considered a fraud case? Even if they give a free replacement, this should considered a criminal case because it is intentional. Apple planned this to cheat their consumer based on the trust that we always think that Apple products are reliable. They should not get away with it. Bah! RM119. If there is no case against them, the world is indeed corrupted to the core.


    That’s y now there are multiple lawsuits going on all over the world. As of now US, France and South Korea.


Going from tax evasion to the security problems with root access to dishonest and damaging hidden practices seems like apple’s reputation should have taken a hit over the past year or two but I don’t think it really matters what Apple do, some people aren’t smart enough to vote with there wallets or realise they need to influence change in the industry by not supporting bad practices.

Something tells me apple will release a new phone soon, call it magical for copying features seen in androids for a year or two and the Apple crowd will lose their collective stuff and buy them in droves as usual. I bought an Apple Ipad pro (the new one) 12.9 inch with 256gb storage for my girlfriend for xmas, cost a pretty penny and comes with a crappy slow charger (proprietary tech and overpriced components to get a decent speed charge as usual with crapple) but if they start hampering it’s battery in the future too then I’ll never buy an Apple device again.

apple for noobie

stupidity level of apple fan hahaha


Apple greedy company ever i have seen.with owesome sale still using dirty trick to pull own customer poket money.they want give discount for battery?they should replace all old apple users new phone after get cought being parasit.why they should change battery?wasted money and time for greedy company?all should boycott the iphone.


So do this means I can change my battery at machine store ?


Come on fellow Apple fan, just upgrade your old device to latest and all works fine, ch your Apple device yearly to catch up with Apple latest pioneering technology, old device tend to be outdated and this apply to all electronic gadgets, Apple is the deluxe brand, don’t fall behind, please upgrade to latest Apple imac, ipro, macbook, iwatch, iphone,Apple TV, Apple TV box etc, and you will enjoy the premium service from Apple, let all Apple fan made Apple great to another decade


Malaysia got anyone started class action suit? Boley join?


    Want to initiate lega action against American Giant? Better go home sleep, without few million US dollor wont even start the legal mechanism, as its HQ at USA, or you end up bankrupt by unable settle the court fee and jailed


      The answer to the question is whether got or not la… Not your worst case scenario fantasy…


i suggest all apple fan start a go fund me campaign to protek their beloved company… its a matter of principle.. Apple has slowed down the phone for the benefit of the consumers, now these so called user are just taking advantage of this situation to sue Apple..


Mari mari mari, Apple fan please accused anyone tarnish the image of Apple, the holy highest almighty Company do anything just for the benefits of users, users use the product have upgraded status to high class and rich, without Apple they just nothing…Apple the great!!!! Only fool mind people will accused Apple

apple is for foolish ppl

RIP Steve Jobs…his descendant could not resemble his mind but making trick to fools those iFan…poor iFan…crapple


i checked with mac city service centre in 1utama and machines in the gardens mall. you will need to leave your phone with them for a week or two to replace the battery.
does anyone believe the battery offer is a serious one?