There’s a 4G version of the Nokia 3310 but why?

Nokia 3310 4G

The revived Nokia 3310 under HMD Global had created a lot of buzz earlier this year. Unfortunately, being a 2G only device, its usage was severely limited to countries that still have 2G networks operating.

To expand its reach, HMD Global had released a newer Nokia 3310 3G which came with 4X the storage along with some minor design tweaks. For those who love the appeal of old-school feature phone but wished if it had faster connectivity, Nokia appears to be working on a 4G version of the Nokia 3310. A feature phone with 4G? Why would anyone bother?

Instead of a dated S30+ software, the Nokia 3310 4G is listed with YunOS, a mobile operating system by AliBaba. It might support Android apps but we don’t expect too much from its tiny display. The current Nokia 3310 / 3310 3G has a 2.4″ 320×240 screen and it’s likely to be as pixelated on the 4G version. At the very least, we hope that HMD Global adds WiFi support for the 4G model.

There’s no info on the release date and pricing but it could be announced during MWC 2018. After all, it’s almost a year since the Nokia 3310 (2017) was first introduced at Barcelona. This could be a China exclusive device as it will support TD-LTE bands as well as SCDMA and GSM. Would you consider buying a Nokia 3310 with 4G? You could be better off with a sub-RM300 Android smartphone.


Alexander Wong