Xiaomi imitates some gestures from the iPhone X

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iPhone X Gestures

The iPhone X may not be the first “Full Screen” smartphone but it’s the first iPhone to come without a home button (not even a virtual one). Because of this new change, Apple had introduced a couple of gestures which are easy to adapt by existing iOS users. Apparently, this seems to be so effective that the folks at Xiaomi’s MIUI development team are incorporating some of these gestures on their upcoming MIUI 9 update.

In their latest changelog for its MIUI 9 Global ROM (7.12.28), Xiaomi is introducing new gestures for full display devices like the MI MIX, MI MIX 2 and the latest Redmi 5 / 5 Plus.

When these Full Display Gestures are enabled, you can go back to the home screen by simply swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen. To view running apps, you’ll have to swipe up from the bottom and hold right in the middle to view all recent apps, which are the exact same steps on the iPhone X. To switch between previous apps quickly, the gestures are a bit different as you’ll need to swipe from left or right to the middle of the screen.

Of course, these are just additional features to maximise the screen’s real estate with less clutter. It’s still faster to navigate using the standard virtual buttons for recent apps, home and back as shown above.


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22 Comments for Xiaomi imitates some gestures from the iPhone X


xiaomi ald well known as a copycat for so long, thats y their phone so cheap, no need to invest in researching lel


    Apple also well known for stealing patent, using patent without consent, copy dev innovation, yet they still able to fool isheep thinking that they actually innovate something… LOL

    Swan must feel very bodo kambing rite now knowing that apple did the same.


      kesian no wonder you're that pathetic, think urself know more.



    Apple also well known for stealing patent, using patent without consent, copy dev innovation, yet they still able to fool isheep thinking that they actually innovate something… LOL

    now swan feel stupid alredy?


      I think, Innovation does not always equals to new things. It could be a combination of different older practices or technology that put together to form better ways of doing things.

      Innovative use of internet technologies to create services like Uber and Grab doesn't mean that they are not innovative just because internet isn't invented by them.

      Apple is usually good in making things works better rather than always creating new things.


        "Apple is usually good in making things works better rather than always creating new things"

        It's almost 2018 and ifan still use this line still kenot accept apple stealing patent?? F*cking boring already.


          Why are you bored if Apple steals or not? Is 2018 already, Apple is dying. Patent war should be between those behemoth Android makers. No one cares about Apple anymore.

          Everyone is free to sue each other for patent infringement. It’s up to them.


      its just butthurt android user like you with false fact thinking that way, i cant help man if you are that stupid, lel.


    will you sue apple for battery slowdown?
    or you will said no to discount when replacing battery? or you dun mind the slowdown?


    This iSheep so dump straight jump to conclusion & writer as well coz write article with intention to create heat only.

    This “Smart Gesture” is not a new feature coz has been in Android OS so long already.. Only now Xioami implement it in MIUI9 based on Android Kernel.

    So actually IPhone X copy Android Smart Gesture..


But Apple imitated thesee webOS gestures.. oh you don’t know? Because everyone thinks Apple invented everything! Lol


    Oh yes, I still have one – dead at home. Just because that one-swipe upwards doesn't mean that it webOS should be glorified, even though it should be credited.

    My HP's first tablet that came with webOS, is heavier and clumsier than even the iPad 1. Buggy and laggy OS with unresponsive gestures. Never mind it had it first but the lags and poor implementation killed it.

    Too bad it doesn't charge anymore, otherwise, I will want to boot it up to experience the 'original' swipe again.


Which was already implemented earlier by Nokia.. Go download Nokia N9 manual and have a look


    We’re you born yesterday? Nothing exists until Apple introduces it to the world. Apple created Face ID, wireless charging and now gestures. The rest are copycats. They just don’t realise it yet even if they come out earlier.


      woaahh slow down Tino. Wireless charging was first invented from Samsung. how do you not know that?

        Rangka Kacang

        The troll has been fed. It’s obviously sarcasm so just relax and enjoy the comments. Everyone knows iPhone can’t do wireless charging until 2018 at least.


        Welcome to the club. Car seat belt was first invented by Proton.


      “Wireless Charging”..

      You can win SoyaCincau 2017 Year End Troll Awards..

      Haa Haa Haa..


Ifag will always be Ifag


Isheep is spotted here.thanks to Android for free and Chinese OEM.they had made very environment, ecosystem for everyone.today everybody can use smartphone and apps etc.if isheep hate with android and Chinese OEM who they r very coward.


    Why just Android ? Smartphone existed even before iPhone.

    We had Windows Mobile , CE, Blackberry, Palm etc back then.

    Thanks to Palm and Microsoft, and also Blackberry. Definitely not just Android.


Iphone never have new innovation or technology. All features are already exist at Android phones.