Webe to end its current unlimited plan in January 2018?

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Webe Unlimited Plan offer coming to an end?

Webe is one of the youngest mobile networks in Malaysia that’s backed by TM. It was first launched in April 2016 with full commercial services running in September 2016. Now it appears that its unlimited RM79/month postpaid plan might come to an end by 12 January 2018, or is it?

UPDATE: Webe is no more and it’s now renamed to Unifi Mobile.

If you check on Webe’s website and FAQ, it indicates that the plan will be open for subscription until 12th January 2018. Will Webe stop acquiring new subscribers? We highly doubt it as we’ve seen Webe repeating its “last-call” shoutout for over a year. After all, the RM79/month plan has always been a promo and there’s definitely an end to it eventually.

Since its introduction, the same “time-limited” RM79/month plan (Originally RM199) have been extended again, again and over again. So come 12 January 2018, we won’t be surprised if it gets another round of extension and it’s likely the same story with its webebroadband plan. For existing users, they can continue to enjoy the same postpaid plan while enjoying the same perks and discounts that they are entitled to.

Another possibility is that Webe could be introducing newer plans to replace its existing offering. We certainly hope this is the case since its current plans are due for a revamp.

When the Webe first came out, the idea of having everything unlimited for RM79/month was appealing but unfortunately, many were not happy with the idea of having to pay extra to use their smartphones as a hotspot. Eventually, they added 10GB of free hotspot data but it isn’t as attractive anymore since other telcos have responded with their own alternatives.

At RM80/month, you can get 20GB of high-speed data and unlimited calls from Digi and Celcom, which is more than enough for most average users. Being an established player, both Digi and Celcom also has a better 4G LTE network when compared to Webe.

Furthermore, you can also get unlimited plans (with limited tethering) for RM100 or less from Digi and U Mobile.

In case you’re wondering, the telco is still called Webe and not UniFi as announced a few months ago. It is interesting that their FAQ now includes the following:

8. Is webe changing its name?
Not at all! We are still TM Group’s Centre of Excellence for Mobility – webe and we are still here to provide you never-ending data, voice, SMS and so much more!

Looks like Webe’s rebranding exercise has taken a U-turn but strangely, its network name is still showing “UniFi”. What do you guys think? Should webe come out with newer plans for 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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51 Comments for Webe to end its current unlimited plan in January 2018?

Afif R.

Real PR mess with the name


Prefer with the existing plan but the coverage should be more stable and consistent.


need better speed, please provide band 38 or band 40 network


Webe need to be better and unique than other telcos. Disappointedly, not up to the par..


when they entered the market, they set out to 'disrupt' the mobile industry. what they did was akin to jumping into one corner of a swimming pool expecting to make a big splash across the whole pool. unfortunately, they only managed to create a ripple.

this is what happens when a CEO tries to hit the KPI quickly with no understanding of the market.


no one cares about webe~


damn annoying with multiple hard-sell promo calls.


No need unlimited. Give 100GB for RM79 with no limit for free hotspot. Please also improve coverage.

Webe user

What full of crap. Webe data are terrible as a webe user, I’m just waiting to see what is going to happen on 12 Jan 2018. I’m staying at so called webe 4G coverage area. 4G area getting 1-3mpbs of speed. What the F.! The line is not stable and seems like getting worst after the service name change to “unifi” from “webe” (previously was ok). Complaint and told me they have no idea when going to rectify the issue. If the crap service still persist, good bye Webe or what ever Unifi. Forget about the promo crap.


during their lunch they did not honor my won phone price from their qr code scan. that moment i edi know they are rubbish and will be a failure. boikot webe


    Serious bro? Would be awesome if you could share what happened here..


Webe sucks!!!

Loo Sah Nee

Dear Sir,

You have almost a million Unifi home users. Charge them 10 ringgit per mobile device for those who are interested for your WiFi data. Your revenue will jump by millions more. Think outside the box. Blue ocean strategy. Good luck.

    Sharifah Najihah

    Omg brilliant!


    However business always desires for more profit


I have both webe and digi's unlimited plan. Am happy with both.


I want my unlimited data plan permanent.
That why i bought webe


    Then you found out the speed is sooo slow then what the use of unlimited data.


All my family members are subscribed to webe..very good service and reliable network.


unlimited data no use sooo much … free up tethering limits more appealing. Just like food, how much can one eat ….?


    heavy downloader can eat up to 1tb per month..


Webe is not bad, coverage is good compared to umobile, speed is amazing, if u are using the correct phone model that is hehehhe


    Thats true..its depend on the mobile phone type..


Webe is not that good because coverage in Shah Alam and K.L are very bad

Najib Razak

It all about coverage.Less coverage mean less user.I genuinely interested however here there is no Webe coverage.Too bad


Having sublines at discounted rate is appealing to parents with college going children. The limit on tethering & data will negate that advantage. And do improve your coverage to your primary target market… anyhow, was told unifi-webe will fall back to Celcom services to areas have yet to have unifi-webe’s own coverage. Wonder this really work out well ?


Webe/Unifi package has a poor sales service, misleading, confusing product features & guidelines. Its product development team and sales have failed to deliver a more complete user friendly package. And the hotspot tethering restricted to 4G only is totally unacceptable!

West Wing

Tried TM before and it’s suck.

If new one any better, just let us try for a month for free, refund us full in cash if we are not happy or satisfied.

Feel stupid if go for it again knowing that it’s suck before! Try free and I take the jump for at least I dont get wet this time n feeling being cheated.


    Too bad your idea can’t be accepted by a monopoly crony company…


    crony wants money first, get wet later.


Im ok with webe. Before this at my home town is h+ signal. Now.. 4G lte already. Also at another district at kelantan. Webe more better than before.

Happy user

Happy using webe especially on unlimited data..thats why hotspot not given free
Anyway iit depend on coverage and your phone model


Webe really need to expend their 4G LTE compatibility to band 40 (2.3GHZ) like most of the telco did, not only just band 5 (850MHZ). There should be more subscribers as more phones can support the changes and not to mention high speed and reliable internet speed too


Then let's end for this promotions.
If RM79/monthly unlimited hotspot, then I will gain this.

Otherwise, not need end until 12 Jan. You can now immediately end.
Just like TM. (ooppss, it is really TM company)


The obvious reason they dont give unlimited tethering is they dont want to kill their own business.imagine those streamyx/unifi user who doesnt care about high speed and only wants connectivity.they would terminate their service and subscribe to webe only.TM knoes this even before they roll out webe

John teng

Look at it this way….

Only 79 and gets unlimited data and call

Yet, people still want unlimited hotspot, full coverage, full lte speed. Which company can survive?

Look at maxis digi celcom and what they charge? And look at how many hundred millions profit they make from everyone.

If you want better service, pls continue to choose the other mobile service provider and let them make more millions.


    Human never had enough :p

heng sin ling

Look well


My family now convert to webe @ unifi mobile network. 5 lines in total


Webe broadband suxxx as I bought their 10+10Gb top-up which rolled over into the following month and ended up being double deducted. Meaning by using 1gb data it gets deducted from my top-up and from my current month quota. Also customer always wrong when it comes to complaints. I have since terminated my account. Speed of 1Mb supposed to be 4G?


    just to enquired since you say you bough top up 10g+10g..do webe offered prepaid? or are refering to additional tethering on laptop


Initially the speed is not very good but as time goes by the coverage and the speed improved..Bought webe after my sons take up and monitor their strenght. It is fantastic in in klang valley and infact better in my home unifi. Now even my hometown Labis i enjoy good streaming movie..glad that i switch other network.


tolong..lanjutkan lagi webe sampai 2018..ramai lagi nak ni…


tm blh promosi lagi webe..kcewa sgt xdpt webe ni…yg unifi webe prepaid ni kureng bg sy…sbb 8gb rm50..sdgkn onexox rm50..10gb..dh lari 2gb..jgn mrh smua..pdpt je..nk bik webe td..tgk2 dh tutup..tye org tm..dorg ckp..rmi btanya lagi ttg webe…syg lh…ni webe prepaid..lps bis 20gb..xgna dh…

Mohd Jasri

Webe, best of the best .


Am a webe user. Webe line is getting from good to bad to terrible since launching. Better speed up improvement or you will lose your existing subscribers. Sublines at 50% discount with free unlimited hotspot would definitely perk up your sales..


can i maintain with the same number if i want to change to webe


What is happening to my WEBE?
since yesterday..I cant get internet connection..
I was satisfied even tho d coverage in my area is limited to 3G.
Now I am very frustrated…

Paid my bill on time…

    Rosnani che hat

    Why my webe lately???
    Cannot login …how to login my webe to pay the bill??now i am very2 frustrated..please reply this conversation…


webe goes suck, i just got 200kb while other telcos got 4.1mbps on the same place..dammit


Seller vs User … the answer is : As Always