The Galaxy A8 (2018) could be priced under RM2,000 in Malaysia

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Galaxy A8 2018 Price

Before we enter the new year, Samsung has already revealed its Galaxy A series for 2018. Unlike its predecessor, Samsung appears to be sticking to just two models to mimic its current Galaxy S series. If you’re wondering about the price tag, the new premium mid-range duo has officially launched in Vietnam and Samsung has revealed their local pricing.

The smaller Galaxy A8 (2018) is priced at 10,990,000 VND (about RM1,976), while the Galaxy A8+ (2018) is priced at 13,490,000 VND (about RM2,426) in Vietnam. This could the best indicator for our Malaysian pricing considering the Galaxy Note8 in Vietnam is going for 22,490,000 VND (about RM4,045), which is pretty close to our local RM3,999 price tag.

We might be wrong but we are guessing that the Galaxy A8 might be priced at RM1,999 while the larger Galaxy A8+ with more RAM and storage could be priced at RM2,499 when it hits the Malaysian market.

Just for reference, the Galaxy A5 and A7 models were priced at RM1,599 and RM1,899 respectively in 2016, while the 2017 version of the Galaxy A5 and A7 are priced at RM1,599 and RM1,899 respectively. Looking at the specs, we reckon that the Galaxy A8 (2018) is the successor to the Galaxy A7 while the Galaxy A8+ (2018) would be a bigger step up to the Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) without the massive battery.

The Galaxy A series for 2018 is a premium mid-range alternative to their flagship models. Both models have Infinity Displays, IP68 dust and water resistance as well as Samsung Pay and Gear VR support. Since Samsung is pricing its new Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series above RM3,000, the Galaxy A series can fill the void for those looking for a brand new model priced between the RM2,000 to RM3,000 range.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out our Galaxy A8 (2018) first impressions. The official Malaysia launch is expected to take place next month.

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+ is officially priced from RM1,799 in Malaysia.


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18 Comments for The Galaxy A8 (2018) could be priced under RM2,000 in Malaysia


For 2K why not buy Note 7FE or Honor 9 pro & for 2.5K why not a S8 or Mate 10.


    you are right. Better get a Mate 10 .


Probably better to get the S7 edge

Xclusive Xperience

If Samsung Galaxy A8/+ (2018) to be priced as RM1999 and RM2499 respectively, it is completely a disgraceful series.

It is better to classify this new phone series as a continuation of A8 (2015) rather than A7 (2017) and A5 (2017). Leave A5 and A7 alone, Samsung. You’re harrassing buyers confident in A series.

I refuse to acknowledge Samsung’s moves to disband the real A5 and A7 by the consolidation of A series into a single numeration.


Pricing above RM 2000 for any A series phone is not reasonable.


2.5k? Better get the OP5t.

    Supreme Leader

    Better get sony xz1 compact


Too expensive for A series model. With that price u rather get vivo v7 or even v7+.


There’s going to be J8/J8+ to replace A5/A7.

They will be as good.


    Don’t be surprised if J8&J8+ selling for 1599 to 1899, aka A5/A7 2017 price, then we may need to buy On 8 & On 8+ at J5pro & J7pro


The title of the article should read “The Galaxy A8 (2018) could be prized under RM2000”. The word ‘than’ is used for comparison.


    Corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.


mannn, that's just too expensive for the samsung galaxy A series, wish the price will be below RM1500


This new A series will never make it if priced above RM2000..Huawei Nova 2i is an amazing device and priced at only RM1299 and that is what needed by the midrange buyers..


    I want buy Samsung Galaxy S6 how much


Alamak . Just bought a Sony XA1 Ultra (compare A9 Pro ). RM 2K . Beat all except battery and chip . Forced to buy due to a possible motherboard failure . If the checkup od a9 pro turn out ok I get the S8 Plus . Maybe selling my Sony XA1 Ultra or keep as a spare .


I want buy Samsung Galaxy S6 how much