Pay RM1,000 to PTPTN and stand a chance to win an iPhone X

Posted:  December 21, 2017   By:    14 comments   

In a bid to get graduates to repay back their student loan, PTPTN is running a campaign where you can stand a chance to win an iPhone X. This phone giveaway campaign is running throughout the month of December 2017.

To stand a chance of winning, you’ll need to pay at least RM1,000 to your outstanding loan amount. You are also encouraged to pay more to PTPTN to increase your chances of winning as every RM1,000 settled would qualify as an extra entry. So, if you pay RM3,000, that’s a total of 3 entries in the running.

Apart from the iPhone X, PTPTN is also giving away 19 units of Huawei P10. If you haven’t started your PTPTN loan repayment, this is probably a good reason to start. For more info, visit PTPTN’s promo page.


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14 Comments for Pay RM1,000 to PTPTN and stand a chance to win an iPhone X


Are they crazy? When I fully settled the loan I got nothing at all.. is that fair to those who settled responsibly?


    Sounds like pay money towin something… Gambling?


      Pay back what you owe is gambling? I’m impressed with your logic.


Stupid contest. They must payback, not to entice with all these shit wastages.


It's like encouraging them not to pay or purposely delay the payment till such contest is held.

Payback is an obligation not voluntary.


PTPTN is so nice. Have to fish bad loan holders with free phone. Please bring these ungrateful former students to court. Confiscate their parents home to settle the loan if they have to. Wrong not to return something you borrowed.


This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Its beyond idiotic.


Why do you guys think that this is stupid?

Common sense to fork out RM5k to get repayments of unsettled loans of BILLIONS of ringgits.


    A debt is a debt, not a competition.. so don’t get it wrong by sending the negative messages out.


    common sense? name me 1 bank that does this to their loan defaulters…


reward should be given for early settlement… not late payment.
all defaulters… just like loans, should be blacklisted and have a record in CTOS.
if they are wage earners… deduct it direct from their epf money.
just like how you get sued into bankruptcy, unless you take an initiative to restructure and repay your loans, it should be given the same treatment.

cant stop laughing


Babi Hutan

Marketing orang kampung what u expect , most Malaysian orang kampung mentality they cannot see what wrong with this ad.


i have paid my ptptn loan RM 5000 ++ using my EPF on september..that should give me five entry tickets. But then again i never won any lucky draw my whole life. Anyway this is a brilliant idea.