Samsung Galaxy S9+ gets benchmarked with 6GB RAM

Posted:  December 20, 2017   By:    12 comments   

Ahead of its big announcement, the Galaxy S9+ has been spotted on GeekBench. We already know how the Galaxy S9/S9+ would look like and now we are getting some concrete details of its hardware specs.

Based on this recent listing on Geekbench, a Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965) was spotted with a Snapdragon 845 processor that’s mated to 6GB of RAM. It scored over 2,400 on Geekbench’s single-core test and 8,351 for its multi-core test. As a comparison, the Galaxy Note8 scored 1,960 for single-core and 6,475 for multi-core.

The scores are quite high for an Android but it’s still not as high as Apple’s A11 Bionic chip on the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X. That scored over 4200 for Single Core and over 10,000 for Multi-score tests on GeekBench 4.

Since it’s still early, the benchmark scores might be higher on final production units. For us in Malaysia, Samsung traditionally does not offer the Snapdragon variants for our market as we will be getting their in-house developed Exynos chipset instead.


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12 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S9+ gets benchmarked with 6GB RAM


note 9 with 8gb ram.

give me a break.


lucky this article stated out the iphone 8/x score, otherwise bodokambing will say iphone noob spec still stuck with only 3gb ram


    hahaha!!! win comment!!


    Have you read the recent news on Apple admiited they purposely throttling down your phone after 1 year? So no matter how good your chipset, it’s just only for short term.


      the fact that throttling down but still faster than most of the chips, theres a purpose for sure, short term? your android new phone with blablabla new chip is, not apple. dont syok sendiri pls lousy = lousy, period.


      Aging battery may not be able to sustain processor peak that could cause sudden shutdown. That’s the cons for having bone removable battery, unlike others where users can easily swap batteries.


Hopefully, local set get the SnapDragon instead of Exynos processors. Otherwise, in my opinion, is worse than getting Intel modem instead of Qualcomm.


    you must be new here. exynos is better than SD.


    yes, Exynos is better than SD, only behind abit with its Mali gpu…so if you're getting samsung phone, it's better optimized with exynos…


      Oh if that’s the case, then we should feel pity for those poor buyers on the other side of the globe.

      I can predict that, very soon they will be ditching their local set and buy import set from our region.


6GB RAM?……………..other phones are already running 6gb RAM like Honor 8 Pro…))


having high tech phone but use for calling and messaging totally waste.