Sony’s 2018 Xperia flagship smartphones could have a radical redesign

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One of Sony Mobile‘s biggest criticisms is of their apparent lack of desire to redesign their handsets — recycling the same old look over and over again. Well, it’s that and the fact that, up until recently, Sony’s handsets have been awful value for money.

For 2018, it looks like Sony could be fixing at least one of those problems.

Reports have begun streaming in about a set of renders/leaked images of what could be Sony’s upcoming flagship devices. While I think it’s still a little early to give these images too much credence, the images look just plausible — and fascinating — enough that you might want to take a look at them.

According to PhoneArena, these rendered images come from Georgian site and they are apparently of two upcoming Sony smartphones. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the devices look pretty different from the existing lineup of Sony smartphones but at least one of them doesn’t compromise on that Sony DNA.

The handset on the left with the shiny back and squarish frame looks a lot like an XZ Premium with a few design flourishes. Then there’s what looks like a massive dual-camera system and weird oblong in between (a flash, maybe?) each lens. Meanwhile the rounder handset to the right looks like a cookie cutter midrange phone straight out of China.

Flip the phones in front, and you’ll see the most 2017 thing about them — super slim bezels. From the looks of things, the handsets displays have been pushed all the way to the sides and very nearly all the way to the top and bottom. But, despite this massive screen, both smartphones look like they could potentially come with front-facing stereo speakers.

Beyond that, other details you can identify in the photo include what looks like a USB Type-C port and a headphone jack on each device. As far as specs are concerned, GizChina reports that both devices will have 5.7-inch 4K displays with 18:9 aspect ratios. These will also reportedly be one of the first devices to feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB of RAM and Android Oreo.

As far as we’re concerned these are just rumours so we’d encourage you to take them with a grain of salt. What do you guys think of these devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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25 Comments for Sony’s 2018 Xperia flagship smartphones could have a radical redesign


sony never dies.. lol..
wonder how long can they uphold this.


Sony wont die 1 lah, they just sold over 70 milions units ps4 to date, ya xperia are odds and not the best. While everyone else busy making a 5.5inch phone, sony are the only company willing to still producing a flagship compact phone. And by the time oppo and vivo sales surpasses samsung and apple in china, sony will gained some little share profits by selling them the imx camera sensors. Sony got the powerful camera sensor on the xperia, just wonder why they so stubborn not to put an OIS in it. If let say a 5 inch full view xperia compact with OIS camera and super stereo speaker under rm3000, why not?


    5 inches fullview will be incredibly tiny.


    Yaa, Sony won't die but their xperia phone sales has been declining for years.
    I only be interested in phone which has OIS.. Can gyro EIS works any better??


FINALLY! Welcome back sony


I think by now, Sony should know that they should stop making phones. Just focus on gaming, TV, speakers and so on. Sony phones nowadays are disastrous.


I can remember a time when Sony stood for quality and durability.

Not anymore and certainly not in mobile phones.

La La Lander

It’s about time! Hopefully the slow-mo length video shooting will be longer than the current one.


I want buy new Sony again

Z5 c, xa 1 and I want buy a new Sony again


    Still a proud owner of Sony Xperia Z1 (Launch purchase). The only issue I've ever faced was with its battery life, which was fixed by replacing its battery (myself :D). Couldn't make up my mind to replace it. I've also gifted an Z2, Z3+, Z5 premium and XZ premium to my siblings and in-laws and they're all happy with it.


      Wow.i am an owner of z1 too. And still using. As urs, im also replacing the batt on my own for once.

      I jz use it and still reliable even there’s no more software support from sony.


I agreed that Sony’s smartphones is not a glamorous as iPhone.. Samsung.. etc.. but I can’t deny Sony’s smartphones are though using my Z2 till today n luckily my z2 did not make any problems accept with memory card slot..
Performance.. are GREAT!


    True! I’m still using my Xperia Z1 & it’s still working excellently except for the battery which dies out too soon per usage. And ive been using it for almost 4 years.


      I’m even still using the 1st generation “Xperia Z”. 😀 (it’s working well too….)

        Tony CKH

        Same here too. High five! Sony phones are made to last….


      Yes! Even my “Xperia Z” (I bought it during the 1st lunching) still working well…. 😀

Note 8 User

This is defintely a great smart phone… at least much better than iphone.

Because ios is buggy, the phone design is backdated till you have to throw it around during unboxing video.

Xclusive Xperience

I hope they will not depart to far from omnibalance design philosophy and newly Loop Surface design as it is a unique feature of their Xperia lines.

It is good that they will join 18:9 or almost all screen bandwagon but we need a phone that didn’t very much similar with the rest.

Hopefully incoming Mirai Design by Sony will give us a surprise.


Sony used to be one of the main proponents of AOSP development. Now their phones are a mess in that department. Support AOSP and rerresurrected Cyanogen (LineageOS) and I’ll definitely buy Sony again.

Also do what Apple does. Release a compact flagship with no or as little compromise on specs, like the Z3C back in the day. Not everyone needs massive bricks of phones.


I hope this turns out to be real


This time is for real, they are going to come up with a glamorous phone !
What about the pricing ??


i like sony.. but i have 2 sony phone same problem …. always heat ,burn battery fast as water , after this automatic restart ….. around 2years phone… feel bad
hope can fix


i still want my fingerprint scanner to be in front


I like sony which i have my z5 premium i like most the sound is 5.1…what i hate most is the battery which heats too mch especially watching you tube….suggestion….i hope d company can improve more by reducing d heat of the latter to 5 degrees so other parts of the unit will not be affected..


    The SoC of your phone is the real culprit and not Sony. Most of 2015 flagship from all OEM who is using 28nm process Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 are having the same problem. The throttling issues with QS 810 is the biggest bane in 2015 flagship phones.

    Beside, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is having dual heat pipes to reduce this problem. You can pour some water to reduce the thermal issue because of the throttling issues.

    Nowadays, 14 nm like newer 400 series, 600 series, 800 series Qualcomm SoC and their latest 10nm QS 835 has overcome this problem. Sony Xperia XZ, XZs are using QS 820 that is far more efficient against this problem.