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OnePlus 5T with official warranty is hitting Malaysia soon

OnePlus 5T Malaysia

Want to get a OnePlus 5T with official Malaysian warranty? Authorised distributor Brightstar has finally released a teaser that the new OnePlus flagship is coming to Malaysia very soon.

They have posted a short video which clearly shows the OnePlus 5T box and the device which now comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The text description mentions “You knew it’s coming” without giving any release dates or pre-order details.

Last week, retailer DirectD had posted a teaser of the OnePlus 5T while indicating that it will arrive before Christmas. While DirectD does import OnePlus smartphones from overseas, this is likely to be official units with local manufacturer warranty.

If Brightstar Malaysia wants to cash in on the holiday shopping season, they should start OnePlus 5T pre-orders soon, ideally by 12.12. The OnePlus 5T is expected to cost slightly more than the current OnePlus 5. As a comparison, the OnePlus 5 was officially priced at RM2,388 for 6GB RAM + 64GB storage and RM2,688 for 8GB RAM + 128GB storage.

For those who can’t wait, import sets are now going from RM2,328 for the international variant.


Alexander Wong