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Instagram is thinking about giving you the one feature you’ve been asking for

Do you love Instagram but loathe the thought of actually posting photos to the image sharing social media? Boy are you going to be excited then because it looks like Instagram may be about to roll out the regram function natively.

The folks over at The Next Web came across a treasure trove of “secret” new features that Instagram is currently testing. Of the smorgasbord of features, one of the more interesting ones that people have undoubtedly been waiting for was the inclusion of an in-app regramming feature. .

Currently, there’s no “official” way to repost or regram someone else’s photo. This mean that users who wanted to share someone else’s photo as their own would have to use apps like Regram which, from what I hear, is often janky and not super great.

What The Next Web discovered though, is that Instagram may be implementing this feature into their application natively. This would probably translate to a more seamless way to regram someone’s post and/or a more rewarding way for the person whose image you regrammed to gain recognition.

I’m personally not sure how this will play out in the current way Instagram works (its layout) and the way its timeline is arranged. Personally, if they do include a regram feature, I would prefer if they separated regrams from the main photos you upload to your profile. This is because I’m someone who now pays at least some attention to the overall look and feel of my profile and although I may see great photos by other users that I want to regram, I don’t necessarily want that showing up on my profile.

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What do you guys think of native regramming? Let me know in the comments below. If you want to see some of the other features Instagram tested, check out The Next Web’s post in the source link.