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Instagram will now let you doodle on your friend’s photos

Instagram‘s just debuted a new feature that allows you to doodle on images posted by your friends, in a bid to encourage users to private message each other more.

Called “remixing” the new feature lets you stick stickers and add custom text and scribbles on images sent to you via direct message, and then sending it back to your friend within another photo of yourself.

Your friend can then do the very same to you, making it a pretty fun feature if you’re fond of pinging silly photos to and fro between friends. You can also control how many times the message can be viewed, letting you choose between “one view” or “allow replay” when sending.

If that’s hard to imagine, here’s what it looks like:

We’re pretty sure the new feature would allow for some rather immature image doodling between friends but it’s all in good fun. But would this be a feature you’ll use though? let us know in the comments!