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Huawei believes they can do a better job than iPhone X’s Face ID

Huawei Face ID demo

During the launch event for the V10, honor President, George Zhao, took the opportunity to tease what appears to be their answer to the Apple’s new killer feature. When the iPhone X was launched, Face ID was the main highlight which Apple claims to be good enough to replace Touch ID. On top of that, the module also enables Animoji that’s exclusive to the iPhone X.

For facial recognition, Huawei’s solution can create a 3D map of your face which is achieved by capturing 300,000 points in 10 seconds using a combination of infrared camera, RGB LED and VCSEL (Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) projector. That’s 10 times of Apple’s Face ID which does 30,000 points.

Unsurprisingly, Huawei takes a dig at Apple’s Animoji feature. While it is a feature only available for the iPhone X, it works with the front-facing camera without using the additional depth camera. For Huawei, they claim that their “Animoji” feature is better as it uses a 3D map of your face. As demonstrated above, it offers a more accurate expression and it knows when you stick your tongue out.

When it comes to unlocking, Huawei claims that its system takes just 0.4 seconds while a fingerprint sensor takes 0.2 seconds. Unfortunately, there’s no live demo of their face unlock feature and it isn’t available on an actual product, not even on the new honor V10. Perhaps, we could see this on their next flagship which replaces the current Huawei P10 series.

You can watch the launch video here starting at the 1:44 mark.

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Alexander Wong