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Here’s why the Razer Phone doesn’t have a headphone jack

The Razer Phone is a pretty amazing piece of kit coming out of one of the industry’s biggest gaming hardware makers, but following the phone’s release, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan steps forward to explain why the phone lacks a headphone jack.

You would think that a company who makes loads of wired audio devices would want a headphone jack on their phone, but the reasons as to why it was dropped are pretty legit.

The main reason why the phone lacks a headphone jack is because it simply takes up space. By removing it, they were able to increase battery capacity by as much as 500mAh and improve overall thermal performance. Also, the phone comes with an audio adapter which has a 24-bit THX certified DAC which gives your analog headphones better sound quality. If that doesn’t make you happy, there’s the Razer HammerHead and Hammerhead BT, which were released to go with the phone. The former comes with a USB-C connector while the other, is Bluetooth.

Razer isn’t the first company to nix the headphone jack and they certainly won’t be the last, but do you think the Razer Phone would have been better with the jack? let us know in the comments.