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Smartphone camera comparison: iPhone X vs the rest


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All four cameras are capable of bokeh-fied “portrait mode” photos but the question remains: Which does it best? Before we can answer that, though, we should consider what makes a nice portrait photo.

To me, I’m looking at the pleasantness of bokeh, how accurately the phone can separate subject from the background, and which has the most flattering angle.

Although the photo is a little soft in this test, I prefer the iPhone X’s image the most. The X does a pretty good job at separating the subject from the background even through all the challenging nooks and crannies of the handrail.

A close second would be the Huawei Mate 10 Pro but its more aggressive (and less pleasing to my eye) bokeh amplified some of the subject separation errors:

What’s more, I’m not a big fan of the Mate 10 Pro’s wider angle because it’s less flattering for the subject (his head looks weird) and it doesn’t do a good job at compressing the background.

The worst performer though, has to be the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Not only is its bokeh the most aggressive (and most artificial-looking), it also doesn’t do a good job at accurately blurring the area around the handrail:

Live Focus bombed pretty hard here.