Smartphone camera comparison: iPhone X vs the rest

Low Light

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Low light performance is arguably one of the most important aspects in any smartphone camera and the good news is that all of these phones are pretty evenly matched when the going gets dark.

However, since we’re digging into the details of each image and I have to pick a winner, I’d say that the Samsung Galaxy Note8 pulls out a win for me here by a hair over the second place iPhone X.

The Note8 edges out the competition in two aspects: Its control of luminance noise and the ability to retain the most accurate shape of the objects in low light, both of which are evidently demonstrated here:

Besides the Note8, the other three phones have really jagged edges and murky lines in general which is not attractive at all. The iPhone 8 Plus also produces a much warmer image than the other three smartphones.

However, all but the Mate 10 Pro have some kind of colour noise:

The Note 8’s littered with green bits, iPhone X with magenta bits, while the iPhone 8 Plus has orange bits. I’m definitely impressed that the Mate 10 Pro has that properly under control here.