This lady queued for 4 nights to get an iPhone X for RM10

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iPhone X RM10 queue 4 nights Malaysia

Queuing is a waste of time especially when you can order the same product online and have it shipped to you at the same price. However, queuing up for an iPhone X at Celcom’s BlueCube outlet turns out to be a worthwhile experience as one customer had walked away with a brand new iPhone X 64GB at only RM10.

Tan Hui Sze and Imee Juiana Tajuddin were the first customers to get their iPhone X from Celcom. Tan was the first in line at BlueCube while Imee was the first customer to pre-order a unit at Celcom’s online store.

Tan had been queuing in front of the store for 4 nights since Monday and her perseverance has certainly paid off. Even if she had subscribed to a plan, the total cost of 24-months subscription is still lower than the amount of savings she got for just paying RM10. As a reference, the iPhone X 64GB retails at RM5,149 outright.

As mentioned yesterday, those who walked in at Celcom Blue Cube at Sunway Pyramid will stand a chance to own the iPhone X for only RM100. To get this offer, you’ll have to spin the wheel and Celcom customer, Mohd. Faris Mohd Yeseri was one of the first to get the iPhone X 64GB for RM100.

At time of writing, the RM100 iPhone X offer is still available so you still have a chance of getting it when you spin the wheel at the same outlet today. Other rewards include free lightning cable, powerbank and RM100 rebate for the iPhone X.

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30 Comments for This lady queued for 4 nights to get an iPhone X for RM10


As a working adult with a good income, i find the idea of upgrading my ip6 to the latest a waste of money.

Sometimes i wonder where these people get their money to buy the latest.


    Credit card..


    Rich daddy lor…


    Agree with you, I’m still using a Nexus 5 that runs super smoothly.

    The battery no good, but it makes me to reduce time playing with it and more time to check out the real world.

    The camera is no good but it’s adequate. If I want good photos, people around me with high end phones, will share it with me.

    But, everyone have different thinking / life… So, let them buy, as long as they are not borrowing money from us for it


Kek Malaysian memang kiasu

Xclusive Xperience

Don’t worry, the rest of the isheep who is willing to pay estimatedly from RM6070 to RM7590 with Celcom 24 months contract, will pay and cover for the phone they’ve got for RM10 or RM100.

Soh KL



    If they sell it after getting it at RM10 is not stupid. 4 Days queuing is equivalent to RM5000.


      No, if they have to pay it for 24 months lol
      What the point to sell it in the first place, total cost of 24 month will be double the price of the phone.


        “total cost of 24 month will be double the price of the phone“

        Can you show everyone how you calculate that?


        Hey stupid…how did you calculate? Say she paid RM100 a month for 24 month, total would be only RM2400. Plus the RM10 she paid for the Ip X, 2410. If she decided to sell for RM5k, just minus the total commitment she will make more than half the price of the phone itself. stupid, if you are lazy just go play mahjong or something else.

      Soh KL

      True since she hasn’t got much to do…


      20k myr from bursa in less than a day. Better than queueing for 4 days 😉


Kesian boyfriend..


If i was the girl iwill sell it for rm5000, untung rm4990 to worth back my precious nights.


It’s really sad to read at some of your comments here. We shouldn’t judge them if none of us know anyone of them personally.


    Some of them just jealous and butthurt that can’t accept she’s bright and smarter then them…


      shes bright and smarter? Is that sarcasm or what?
      What the hell you wanna do with RM5000 phone other than fb, wassup and stupid animoji?


        She can choose to sell it.

        Bought RM 10 > Sell RM 5000.

        Earn? Please keep your sarcasm comment !


          Even less the RM 5000.

          She still earn !


    True and i like wat u said. These people just don’t have anything else to do besides criticising others….


    If there’s nothing nice to say, criticise. It is like Vaseline for butthurt keyboard warriors.


I would rather spend the 5k for a trip or buying a laptop or computer. Now i wonder whats de main purpose of a phone.


    She could do that with the money she earn or saved for just paying 10 bucks.

I hate iPhone,iPad Lover

I would buy One Plus 5T.. iPhone is for a people who don’t expert in phone user. One Plus 5T has beat iPhone X. Why you still want the iPhone X? For pride? “Ouh look I got the iPhone X, it’s so expensive!”. One Plus 5T is cheaper than iPhone X and more faster. Also, Galaxy S8 is stronger than iPhone X when you hammer it on the screen.

Apple just want to fuck your money.


    OnePlus phone is so expensive compared to RedMi.

    You guys are really rich because not many can even afford a RedMi let alone OnePlus.

    Imagine what can RM1699 do to some of the poors.


Absolutely stupid


Iphone is for people to break their personal record, my record of most expensive phone bought so far rm1699 only. Neh..even I strike rm2 4d first prize I wont use that to buy an iphoneX, rm5000 are more enjoyable spending elsewhere.


    This is considered expensive compared to the RM499 Mi phones. Imagine a dad can buy almost 4 for the entire family to be smart instead of just 1 unit of OnePlus !!

Rocky Tan

She get to be screen on here and celcom pages while what you all can do was condemns her below this post. She WIN you all. HAHAHAHA