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This lady queued for 4 nights to get an iPhone X for RM10

iPhone X RM10 queue 4 nights Malaysia

Queuing is a waste of time especially when you can order the same product online and have it shipped to you at the same price. However, queuing up for an iPhone X at Celcom’s BlueCube outlet turns out to be a worthwhile experience as one customer had walked away with a brand new iPhone X 64GB at only RM10.

Tan Hui Sze and Imee Juiana Tajuddin were the first customers to get their iPhone X from Celcom. Tan was the first in line at BlueCube while Imee was the first customer to pre-order a unit at Celcom’s online store.

Tan had been queuing in front of the store for 4 nights since Monday and her perseverance has certainly paid off. Even if she had subscribed to a plan, the total cost of 24-months subscription is still lower than the amount of savings she got for just paying RM10. As a reference, the iPhone X 64GB retails at RM5,149 outright.

As mentioned yesterday, those who walked in at Celcom Blue Cube at Sunway Pyramid will stand a chance to own the iPhone X for only RM100. To get this offer, you’ll have to spin the wheel and Celcom customer, Mohd. Faris Mohd Yeseri was one of the first to get the iPhone X 64GB for RM100.

At time of writing, the RM100 iPhone X offer is still available so you still have a chance of getting it when you spin the wheel at the same outlet today. Other rewards include free lightning cable, powerbank and RM100 rebate for the iPhone X.

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