Celcom is offering the iPhone X for only RM100

Posted:  November 23, 2017   By:    5 comments   

The iPhone X goes on sale in Malaysia tomorrow and Celcom is doing another crazy offer at their Blue Cube outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Retailing from RM5,149, the iPhone X can be yours at an incredible price of just RM100.

There are no details on the offer but it is very likely to be tied one of their contract plans. The iPhone X is currently offered with on FIRST Postpaid Plans from as low as RM3,078. Even if its tied to their highest FIRST Platinum Plus plan, it’s still a massive RM2,978 worth of savings.

The RM100 iPhone X promo is taking place only at their Sunway Pyramid Blue Cube outlet tomorrow (24 November) with limited quantity. If you’re planning to queue up for this, be prepared to stay on until tomorrow morning since there’s no midnight event over at BlueCube. For those who have already pre-ordered their iPhone X from Celcom, some of you might be able to receive it as early as midnight tonight.

If you haven’t seen it yet, do check out our video review of the iPhone X.


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5 Comments for Celcom is offering the iPhone X for only RM100


Wahhhh why have to throw price? Scare nobody buy is it? Wasted a kidney for nothing.

Babi Hutan

Jimat few k but sign up stupid expensive package end up lebih kurang sama…. Malaysian penny wise pound foolish


    Aiya, what they never tell you is only have 2 biji. They will just get free marketing by having a long lines outside the store.


      ONE BIJI only…and it is a demo


in my life i didn't apple n am not interested too also.