Flying a drone outside your home without a permit is illegal in Malaysia |

Flying a drone outside your home without a permit is illegal in Malaysia

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UPDATE: DCA issues a statement to refute TheStar’s report.

According to TheStar, The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) will be taking action on illegal drone flying in Malaysia. Apparently, if you don’t have a permit, you are not permitted to fly your drone beyond your home compound.

The DCA is said to be taking serious action against unlawful drone activities beginning next year. They will be monitoring the airspace at all 21 airports throughout the country and will not hesitate to take down any drone using high-frequency jammers.

According to the DCA, all drone activities even for both recreational and commercial use would require a flying permit. All flights must be capped at 120m, which is about 393 feet in height. They added that there are laws in place but the lack of enforcement gave the impression that no permit was required to fly a drone.

If found guilty, individuals can be fined up to RM50,000, jailed up to 3 years, or both. Meanwhile, unlawful flights by companies can be fined up to RM100,000, jailed up to 6 months, or both.

For those who plan to fly without a permit, you may only do so in your own home compound while not exceeding 50m in height. Beyond that, you’ll need to apply for a DCA permit. According to the DCA spokesman in the report, drones are prohibited from flying within 7km radius of an airport, royal palaces and telco base stations. For the first two prohibited locations, it makes sense but 7km from a telco base station would probably render almost all places as no-fly zones since telcos would overlap their existing coverage with multiple base stations. In addition to that, KLCC and Putrajaya are also designated no-fly zones for security purposes.

Registration of drones isn’t very clear at the moment and DCA is still planning to make it compulsory to register all drones in two years time. They suggested a one-time registration fee of RM800 and a renewal fee of RM500 per year. They added that all drones must carry a registration number on the tail, which is similar to an aircraft.

At the moment, only drones weighing more than 20kg would require registration. According to the DCA’s FAQ page, it was indicated there’s a RM250 fee for a permit to fly a drone weighing below 20kg and RM1,000 for drones than weigh more than 20kg.

With drones becoming more accessible to the general public, not many countries are regulating its use clearly. Just recently, a Malaysian was sentenced to two months jail for flying a drone in Myanmar.

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9 Comments for Flying a drone outside your home without a permit is illegal in Malaysia


Talk only lah. Smoking and littering laws on ground level cannot even enforce, how to even catch drones in the sky? Go fly kite laaa


F*****g retard DCA. This is for leisure purpose dumbass! We’re not flying real airplane! We are living in the future, and drone is a part of it.

And now those who work in DCA is regulating a permit RM 250!? You fucking kidding me!? You might as well just ban the selling of all drone dumbass!

This is more likely linked to Najib scheme in order to drain more money. I mean come on, there are a lot more important things that needs regulation, and now you want to regulate people’s leisure activity!

Stupid ass idiots..

    Dont be an idiot

    There are a lot of places that regulate drone usage. And drone usage needs to be balanced with privacy. Flying cameras are easy to be abused.

    Don’t be a raging idiot


      He is not being an idiot. “Invasion of privacy” is not really the case here. I mean, yes, you can fly to people’s window, but wouldnt that also mean phone cameras should be banned aswell? You can do more damage with a phone camera in toilets, changing rooms, full live streaming pon boleh! With it being super loud, and most drone users here who is using it as recreational purposes are still ‘new’ at piloting, wouldnt be able to make such discreen manoeuvres flying into people home, window and such.

      I understand it shouldnt fly near government buildings, airports and communication towers, but to zone off every square inch of Malaysia as a No Fly Zone unless licensed is full of crap.

      Getting a permit should also be easy, and not through so many channels. Letter of approval here and there..


Talk is easy. Illegal parking problems, damaged and disrepaired road problems and many many many other problems also cannot be properly solved yet, now wanna be ambitious and enforce regulations on flying drones.


No money in the government say so la pundeks.


Drone has shown us the advancement in technology that even a small piece of flying equipment equivalent to size of a hand phone can fly to great distance and heights with amazing integrated GPS function (and any other functions) that none of this we can have even thought possible. Now, despite all of this remarkable technology embedded in the current high end quads, we will very unlikely can appreciate much as the freedom of operating a drone will be regulated strictly by DCA sooner.

As far as regulating about drone is concern, if your drone has camera functions then you need a permit to operate it if you’re flying it outside your house compound regardless of its weight and function. Yes….. Even if your rm 250 toy drone from syma need a permit to fly if it has camera!.

To add more restrictions , if you’re a hobbyist then your drone is only allow a flying height of 50m. If you want extra height say… for commercial purposes then you need to obtained DCA permission about it in your permit.

Again to add more applications duties, your drone camera also need a permit to operate and therefore you must request this from the Department of Land and Surveying. You must state in your request the GPS site of all the area where you want to fly your drone and for what purpose if such photo or video taken. Yes.. to use the drone camera you must have a permit also.

Not finish yet…. I did said permit from DCA isnt… With the approved permit to use your drone camera already got, attached it together with the request to obtain flying permit from DCA as the next step.

Yes.. for operating your drone you need to obtained 2 types of permits and to make things more happier for us drone enthuthias, we need to pay a rm 250 to DCA for the flying permit which only last for 3 month and then pay again for a new permit (rm 1k year total)……and about the permit for using the drone camera …… A fee also need to be paid to the Dept of L&S

So it’s remarkably amazing the regulations and amount of cost needed for your camera toy drone is going through just for the sake flying it with your kids in a playground or football field outside your house and I will not be surprise if any hobbyist drone flyer who own a camera toy drone or an entry GPS drone that cost less than 1k will simply just ignore this regulation.


hi . i m not local . so i hope to know clearly about drone rules in malaysia . i hope DCA declare which aera of each city can fly drone or cannot . i just know within 7km of airport . GOV OFFICE and teleco tower . other place ? i mean beach , garden, play ground and some vacation place .


stupid [email protected] Always want to make money…