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This humanoid robot can mimic your every move

Toyota‘s just revealed the latest iteration of their humanoid robot the T-HR3, and it can copy your every move.

Capable of mimicking the movements of its operator down to even gentle movements, the robot stands at 5’1″ tall and weighs in at just 75kg, just under the height of the average person. Developed to explore the possibility of assisting people in the home or in places too dangerous for the average human (like space), the T-HR3 synchronizes with its operator via data gloves and an HTC Vive VR headset that allows the user to see things from the robot’s perspective.

The control system called the Master Maneuvering System (MMS) can be used to operate the robot’s entire body, with 16 torque servo modules in the chair, motion and force sensors at the feet, with 29 torque servo modules in the robot itself. So the user can move the robot by making walking movements without even needing to actually physically move and the robot has balance control too, so it won’t suddenly topple over if it hits something.

The best part? even force can be controlled, as demonstrated in the video below where the robot handles a balloon-like ball without completely destroying it.

The T-HR3 will be showcased at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo later this month, and while it can’t do backflips, it’s still a pretty big step for Toyota in the field of robotics.