You can get a Huawei Mate 10 from as low as RM50/month on EasyPhone

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Celcom EasyPhone Huawei Mate 10

If you’re interested in Huawei’s latest Mate 10 series, Celcom is offering a monthly payment option with its EasyPhone program. The Huawei Mate 10 is officially priced at RM2,699 while the higher-spec Mate 10 Pro is priced at RM3,099. With Celcom’s EasyPhone on Postpaid, the Mate 10 can be yours from RM50/month.


To recap, the EasyPhone program allows you to get a new phone with monthly instalments across 24-months. This is applicable to its FIRST Gold Plus postpaid plan and above.

On the lowest First Gold Plus plan (RM98/month), the Mate 10 can be yours at RM75/month or RM50/month on the highest FIRST Platinum Plus (RM188/month) plan. Over 24-months, it costs only RM1,800 and RM1,200 respectively, which is almost 55% off its recommended retail price.

For the Mate 10 Pro, it’s going for RM135/month on FIRST Gold Plus and as low as RM115/month on FIRST Platinum. Do note that this instalment amount is for the device only and you’ll still need to pay for your monthly postpaid subscription.

If you compare the two devices, the Mate 10 instalment is about RM60 cheaper each month, which is quite a huge difference compared to the Mate 10 Pro which costs RM400 more at retail. If you calculate the total device cost over 24-months, the Mate 10 is RM1,440 cheaper than the Mate 10 Pro.

For new signups and existing Celcom customers of less than a year, you’ll need to pay 3x EasyPhone instalments for an upfront payment. This is waived for customers who have been with Celcom for more than a year. The FAQ also states that it is mandatory for new customers to take up the device protection plan but this would be optional for existing customers of at least one year.

For more info, you can check out Celcom Postpaid’s EasyPhone page.


On their EasyPhone for Prepaid offer, the standard Mate 10 is going for RM148/month, while the Mate 10 Pro can be yours at RM199/month for 24-months.

On Xpax EasyPhone, the monthly instalment also includes RM30 of prepaid credit which means you can just pay this monthly instalment without worrying about topping up for the next 24-months. The RM30/month credit should be enough for most people as you can activate an Xpax data plan that gives you 5GB of high-speed data, 10GB of Facebook and 10GB of Instagram data.

You can learn more at Xpax EasyPhone’s Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro pages. In case you missed it, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro will be available in Malaysia starting this Friday, 24 November.

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9 Comments for You can get a Huawei Mate 10 from as low as RM50/month on EasyPhone


wait 6 months, 1 year, there will be official promotion of unsold stock…during promotion, can get price more reasonable for the brand…


dont quite get it with this easyphone promo, total device price is rm1800 for gold plus,which you are tied to 24 months with the plan.
if i choose to take the normal device bundled plans, i only pay rm1198 for gold plus as well, which is for 24 months too. what am i missing here???

vincenz chen

RM199 x 24m = RM4776 vs Retai at 3099??

What calculation i missed? even after a year i allowed to change phone, the extra 1.7k more than enough i sell off existing and top up for new phone. Stupidity package


    If you can afford to pay RM3,099 in full, you should go for it. EasyPhone is an alternative option and obviously, there's interest that goes into the monthly payment. It is like comparing a car loan repayment vs buying the car in cash.


If you're taking easyphone, you're paying the device on instalment. While on the normal contract plan, you would need to pay the device price in full with advance payment.

adam i need to pay an upfront payment for this celcom easyphone offer?
2.first gold plus plan+huawei mate 10(RM98+RM75=RM173) so i do need to pay RM173 for 24 times right?

    Dazz Al-Ghul

    1) Are you 1 year Celcom user?
    > If yes, no upfront.
    > If new user, yes need upfront (3 month installment)

    2) yes and no. U forgot to add the 6% gst. Lol.

    (Asked the same question, these the feedbacks i get from Celcom Sunway Pyramid)


So if i am a customer for First Gold already, i dont have to pay for the upfront cost, right?

Then I pay RM 199 for 2 years – that would be roughly around RM 4778

The 4778 includes RM 98 I have to for the monthly bill – that would be RM 2352 for 2 years (even I don't take the new phone, I have to pay it anyway)

So the device price I will pay is RM 4778 – RM 2353 = RM 2425 ?

is that correct? do i miss anything


If I wanna Huawei 10 pro and first customer Celcom want term and conditions