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Here’s the earbuds Razer wants you to use with your Razer Phone

Razer has just released a new set of earbuds that’s built to go with their newly released Razer Phone, say hello to the Razer Hammerhead USB-C.

The new earbuds of course, can’t exclusively compatible with just the Razer Phone, but can be used with any device that sports a USB Type C port. Available in white (for the iPhone compatible version) and Razer’s signature black and green colour scheme, they feature flat anti-tangle cables,  bi-flange ear tips for passive noise isolation and are hewn from aluminum for durability.

The Hammerhead also comes with a custom-tuned DAC converter with digital output, as well as 10mm dynamic drivers and an inline remote. They also released the Razer Hammerhead iOS Mercury Edition, which is the iPhone variant of the Hammerhead. The earphones get a Lightning connector instead of a USB Type C, but are a wee bit more expensive than it’s sibling.

If you’re interested in snagging them, the USB Type C variant will et you back $79.99 (about RM 331) while the iOS version will cost you a good $99.99 (about RM 414). Both can be purchased directly from Razer’s online store.