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TM is giving existing UniFi customers speed upgrades for just RM10/month

UPDATE: Looks like there’s an RM10 upgrade promo for new customers as well. Read about it here.

Looks like TM is making the rounds with a brand new Unifi upgrade. If you’re an existing customer you might be getting an SMS from TM about this new speed upgrade.

Earlier today Alex received an SMS (as shown above) for an upgrade offer.

As of the moment, he is currently on a 10Mbps package for RM149 a month. This was recently upgraded for free from 5Mbps (VIP 5).

This offer basically provides an extremely cheap bump up to 30Mbps, complete with the HyppTV Jumbo Pack for just an additional RM10 a month. If you are upgrading from the VIP5 plan, you will get to keep your unlimited phone calls too.

Sounds good, but there’s a small catch. After contacting TM for clarification, it seems that while the promo price is, in fact, permanent, but if you do agree to the upgrade, you will have to extend your contract for another two years.

We’re not sure if the promo is offered to certain individuals only or if it will apply to all existing customers.

Just to recap, TM recently started offering a year-end promo for new subscribers, with savings up to RM90 off:

10Mbps UniFi Lite – RM129 (unchanged)
30Mbps UniFi Advance – RM199 RM139 (Save RM60)
50Mbps UniFi Advance Plus – RM249 RM189 (Save RM60)
100Mbps UniFi Pro – RM329 RM239 (Save RM90)

Some existing subscribers were unhappy that this offer isn’t extended to current users, and it looks like this upgrade offer might be able to make up for it.

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Have you received any SMSes from TM? If so, what’s your upgrade offer like? Let us know in the comments.