OnePlus 5T: They forgot to upgrade one massive feature

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OnePlus‘ decision to launch the T phones was a peculiar one but one I think many were glad they did. It gave the company a chance to address some of the shortcomings of their first flagship earlier in the year and who doesn’t like it when companies fix their mistakes? The 3T, for example, famously added 400 mAh of much-needed battery capacity and improved one of the 3‘s biggest weaknesses.

This year, the company is releasing the OnePlus 5T. The question is: What are they fixing this time?

I mean, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it: That screen. I was a little disappointed that there was no 18:9 aspect ratio display on the OnePlus 5 and the company has quickly rectified that with the 5T. This device has a large 6.01-inch 18:9 Optic AMOLED display that pushes a Full HD+ resolution of 2160×1080 pixels. With the added horizontal pixels, the handset maintains its pixel density of 401 ppi.

But making the screen taller and trimming the bezels almost all the way off wasn’t the only thing they did. OnePlus also developed their own Sunlight Display technology that can intelligently adjust the contrast to make it more visible under harsh light.

Despite the gains in diagonal screen size, the handset’s body remains nearly identical, the biggest difference being that the screen-to-body ratio of the 5T is now 80.5%.

With all that screen though, the was no longer space to put a fingerprint scanner in front. So, the company moved it to the back of this all-metal smartphone.

To help alleviate the inconvenience of not being able to unlock the phone from the front, OnePlus included a Face Unlock feature that can recognise 100 different facial identifiers and will even recognise you if you’re wearing something like a scarf or making a really dumb face.

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If the display was the most noticeable radical change OnePlus made to the 5T, the brand new dual-camera system at the back is probably the least noticeable one because the module looks nearly identical.

However, the changes are pretty big. Gone is the wide plus short telephoto camera combination and in its place you’ll find a 16MP (Sony IMX398) + 20MP (IMX 376K) unit instead. Both of these sensors come with f/1.7 aperture lenses that are of the same focal length of 27.22mm (equivalent). Despite the identical focal length, OnePlus 5T retains portrait mode with the biggest difference being that you can now capture a wider field of view.

Unfortunately, there’s still no optical image stabilisation (OIS) present on either sensor, though the company has said that they’ve vastly improved the electronic image stabilisation (EIS) technology for smoother videos. It’ll even work at 4K resolution now.

The lack of OIS always hurt the OnePlus 5 so the company’s is trying to fix that with something called Intelligent Pixel Technology. With this tech, when ambient light drops to 10 lux, the phone switches to its secondary camera and that combines 4 of its 1.0 micron pixels into one so that it can capture more light.

Besides that, OnePlus kept a lot of what we liked with the original 5. It’s still got top-of-the-line specs with a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB/8GB of RAM, 64GB/128GB of storage, Dash Charge fast-charging, and 16MP selfie camera. Oh, and I’m happy to report that OnePlus 5T still has a 3.5mm headphone jack

It’s got Bluetooth 5.0, support for 802.11ac WiFi and NFC. OnePlus 5T will come running Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box, but with an improved Oxygen OS that has support for stuff like Parallel Apps.

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I won’t deny that those are some nice improvements but there are still some big things that are missing from this handset. There is no IP67/IP68 water resistance, for example, and there’s also no stereo (or even earpiece stereo) speaker setup. But, perhaps most disappointing of all is that they didn’t give the battery a bump in capacity like they did on the 3T. Instead, we’re stuck with the same 3,300 mAh cell.

Sure, the OnePlus 5 had slightly above average battery life but imagine what it could do with something like a 3,500 mAh or 4,000 mAh cell instead.

However, it does retail at an attractive price of USD499 (around RM2,079) for the 64GB variant and USD559 (around RM2,330) for the 128GB variant. It’ll be available in North America, Europe and India from the 21st of November onwards.

What do you guys think of the OnePlus 5T? Let me know in the comments below.

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15 Comments for OnePlus 5T: They forgot to upgrade one massive feature


I think size isn't all that matters. Perhaps there's been some improvements in the consumption / power drawing here and there. Let's find out shall we? Through Rory's super duper famous unboxing video! Can we have it, Rory? Pretty please….maybe with your unboxing then we'll find a new feature that no one knew: THROW-proof!


This O5T is almost similar with Mate 10 Pro but i still like Huawei as opposed to O5T in terms of battery life and IPX67 rating. The rest is almost identical in every department.

Hope Huawei will introduce Honor 9 Pro to take on O5T minus the huge pricing of 3k…))

    Android User

    Search ‘huawei mate 10 pro vs oneplus 5 battery life test’ and u will find out that despite having a large 4000mah battery, huawei still lost to oneplus 5

Suresh Singh

Do you know when this will be made available for sale in Malaysia? I am not speaking about sale through Lazada.


i find it very disturbing why RORY never throws android phones around during unboxing.
i think he's mentally disturbed!
he sure thinks his "antics" will garner him any, if any, popularity.


    Well I love it when he does it just because of all the reactions like yours that he gets. Its damn funny seeing people get butt hurt because he's throwing a phone around. You could say he's stupid for messing up a 5k phone but I could say the same thing to people who would spend 5k on a phone. I mean people need to wake up sometime and realize that it's just stupid defending a brand when at the end of the day corporations are ultimately driven by profit and you don't get a piece of it.

    For all the flaws of Android, at least what it has given us are choices and a degree of common sense. When Samsung couldn't get the fingerprint sensor to work under the screen, they ditch it put it in the dumbest place possible beside the camera. They don't market it as the best location for a fingerprint scanner and rightly so because it's stupid and people all around the web tell them it's stupid. But you get the choice of not buying the phone and go with something else. In fact you can even get way cheaper phones with current gen hardware and design cues.

    When Apple couldn't get it to work either what did they do? They give you face ID and tell you its the best in the world and you guys lap it up. I will bet you a million dollars that the next generation iphone will have the fingerprint sensor under the screen simply because the technology will be mature by then, not because it's the best in the world. Guess how would Apple market it then, THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! What happens when you don't want to get the iphone x and want something cheaper? You get previous gen phones or you get a new phone will last gen design cues.

    Just to be clear I don't support any 1 brand. I've used phones from at least 4 brands. I don't hate Apple, in fact I think the ipad is the best tablet experience you can get in the market. I just wish people would be a little bit more level headed and see through all the bullshit that the companies are telling us and realize that they only got their own best interest at heart.


      If businesses don’t bullshit, then they must be charity.


half baked iPhone wannabe phone


    With the failure of Apple, all future phones will wanna be Mate 10 Pro, not iPhones.

    The blood bath will be between all Androids – the most widely used mobile OS.

    Don’t drag Apple in anymore. It’s out from the game.


      up to date, all phones still wannabe iPhone!
      even the "X" !!!!!
      u must be sleeping under a rock!


        Except that those who're actually out of their Mom's basements should know:-
        1. The 1st phone that tried to kill off the top and bottom bezels were Sharp Aquos Crystal.

        2. The one that silently kicked Apple in the nuts by proving that they can improve upon that concept = Xiaomi's Mi Mix.

        3. The 1st (and only) Android phone that introduced a way more serviceable (yet still decidedly not widely acceptable) "notch" is obviously the Essential PH-1.

        4. There's an app now to "remove" iPhone X's notch. That's just beyond dumb as there's an actual demand for that among X users.

        5. People paid between USD999 or over a grand only to put up with these;………

        So yeah trying getting some sun from time to time it's good for you.


          All points you given are not a major (important).

          Seriously, who gives a shit about Xiaomi smartphones? Used about 3-4 months and see how much the value of that phone will depreciated.

          Xiaomi used to shadow Samsung and Huawei but not anymore. Its the phone that always be among the last to receive Android updates. You didn't know?

          Oh by the way, your point no. 4 again, is not really valid. Its developers who made the app – it didn't requested by existing Iphone users. Youtuber like Lew (Unbox Therapy) makes noise about it but really not many users care really.

          I guess you didn't know all these cause you are not an Iphone user or never use more than one brands of smartphones. You based all facts 100% on portals/websites and at the same time under estimate real user experience.


          Have you use xiaomi flagship before? Have you use Mate 10 before? You dun know xiaomi now open stores in EU? check your fact before butthurt sheep!
          How you know android user never use ip? Why you hiding ip more updates more bugs receive issue? This ipx is one of the worst, fail face ID, redline issue, sound issue, easy broke class, smaller shorter battery life, inconvenience unlock, and force users jailed themselves inside iOS system, force them to buy Macbook, ipad, wireless ear pod… (but Apple and even US FBI can easily access end users privace infor) Why so serious when someone tell the true experience? Is Apple your company?
          If not, why bother? We just consumer want to tell the worst experience using ip, that's all, understand?


          Yes, Samsung gives us 5 different choices of authentication and each has its own beauties and flaws, spelled out upfront.

          We choose the best one and if hacked, it’s our problem and ignorance. We will never blame Samsung.

          Unlike Apple, so restrictive and trying to perfect it. See, once there’s flaw, the whole world boos at them. Dumb company.


When will it be arriving in Malaysia ?