Travelling overseas? Roam with U Mobile and leave all your roaming charge headaches behind

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Have you always avoided making and answering phone calls while travelling overseas? You’re not alone and most people are afraid of getting bill shocks after returning from their trips.

As mobile technology gets better over the years, using your phone for basic phone calls is still ridiculously expensive and often confusing to understand. Why must it be this way? To cut the clutter and to make phone calls worry free outside of Malaysia, U Mobile is offering flat roaming rates for voice call & SMS when you travel overseas.

Simpler Rates

Usually, before you travel, you’ll need to understand the different call rates that would apply in your destination. Making a phone call in the country you’re visiting is one rate and making calls back to Malaysia is at a different rate. That’s not all, there’s even a different rate just for answering calls. Who would remember all 3? To make matters worse, the rates are often complicated with random digits (e.g. RM3.30/min, RM5.80/min, RM6.99/min) that are almost impossible to remember.

U Mobile wants to take all that confusion away by offering just one flat rate for making and receiving calls and no matter which partner telco you connect to. The rates are rounded to an easy to remember figure from as low as RM1.50/minute that’s applicable to all networks. Instead of having different rate for each country, U Mobile is simplifying its roaming rates into 4 main zones to give you a peace of mind.


U Mobile offers the lowest flat rates ever for call and SMS roaming to our neighbour country – Singapore. It would cost you just RM1.50/minute for making and receiving calls in Singapore. Even calls to Malaysia is charged at RM1.50/minute. Sending an SMS would cost you just RM0.50 each and receiving SMS is totally free of charge.

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If you travel mostly around Asia to destinations such as Thailand, Hong Kong and South Korea, U Mobile offers a flat RM3.00/minute rate for 11 countries that fall under Zone 2. So, if you’re traveling to these countries, just remember, it costs RM3.00/minute for receiving and making calls to both local and back to Malaysia. Texting while roaming in Zone 2 would cost you just RM1.00 per SMS. As always, receiving SMS is free wherever you are in the world.


Travelling to Brunei, China, Myanmar and Vietnam? That falls under Zone 3 and you also get to enjoy the same flat rate of RM3.00/minute for receiving and making calls within the country or back to Malaysia. Texting is also the same as Zone 2 at RM1.00/SMS and receiving incoming message is still free of charge.


Traditionally, it will cost you a bomb when you roam to more exotic destinations. Some could cost you double digits per minute just to call back to Malaysia. Whether you’re in Japan, Italy or U.K., you can call home at a flat rate of RM5.00/minute in Zone 4 countries. If you’re traveling to the countries listed under Zone 4, it would cost you the same RM5.00/minute rate for receiving and making domestic phone calls, while SMS costs RM1.00 each to send and receiving is still free of charge.

Below is the list of countries in each respective zone:

Don’t bother with confusing roaming codes. Activate before you fly-off and you’re good to go!

The best part about U Mobile’s roaming service is there are no messy *123* pre-fix codes required to enjoy lower rates. You don’t have to re-enter a phone number or edit your current phone book details. Just call like you normally do, and you can be assured of the lowest roaming rates when you travel.

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Activating the roaming service is super easy! If you’re an existing subscriber of at least 6 months, you can simply activate roaming via SelfCare or through the MyUMobile App. Alternatively, you can activate by dialing *118*6# on your phone dialler or send an SMS “ON ROAMIDD” to 28118. If you need help, you can call up U Mobile’s customer care hotline at 1318.

U Mobile, the perfect travel companion

U Mobile wants to make your travels as smooth as possible. With these simplified and low flat rates, making and receiving phone calls is less scary than you think. So, the next time you’re getting an important phone call while overseas, you can answer it with greater peace of mind and most importantly, without burning your wallet.

For more info, visit U Mobile’s website.