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Sony’s just revamped their PlayStation App

Sony‘s just given their PlayStation App a complete revamp on both iOS and Android with a more intuitive design to help keep users connected to their console, games and of course, friends.

The redesign includes some new tabs at the bottom of the screen which makes it easier for you to check notifications, check posts from friends and see who is online. However, the biggest update to the interface is the new central PS button (that you can’t miss) which makes it a simpler affair to access features of the app like the PS Store and the upcoming events window.

Apart from that, Sony’s also released a brand new version of the PS4 Second Screen App that lets users navigate the PS4’s menu, view extra content in certain games (like maps) and use the onscreen keyboard.

If you own a PlayStation 4 and are keen on picking up either app, they’re both free on Android and iOS.