The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is now available in “Rosso” red

Posted:  November 6, 2017   By:    11 comments   

If you’ve been wanting to pick up Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium, the device is now available in a very lively red, with the new colour variant aptly named “Rosso”.

Featuring the first 4K HDR display on a smartphone, Motion Eye camera that’s capable of super slow motion video recording alongside a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. It’s also home to a 13MP shooter up front, and the Motion Eye camera totals up to 19MP. Last but not least, the phone has a reasonably generous 3,230 mAh battery and IP68 rating against dust and water.

The new Xperia XZ Premium Rosso will be available in Malaysia starting 6th November 2017 at selected Sony retailers and will be priced at RM3,399.

Check out the gallery below for more images:

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11 Comments for The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is now available in “Rosso” red


its all very nice…but why buy this


Im waiting the xz1 compact to go under rm1500, i need a handy phone with super battery and camera inside my pouch when im running, when i see a pretty girl ill just quickly pull it out to snap her pic single handedly. Not this kind of stupid gigantic phone…a 4k hdr tv bigger are better but not for a phone.

just sayin

should have done this long ago.


nice colour.
but price still abit high.
should throw in their red sony headphone for the launch to sweeten the deal.


To me, people wont buy phones at these premium prices unless:

1. its an Apple

2. its a Samsung Flagship

3. die hard fans

You can put all the bells and whistles in your phone and slap it at RM3k, but Malaysians wont give a damn and still go buy Samsung and Apple. See what happened to the HTCC U11? early this year it was 2999, then mid year it became 2599, now its already 1999 with a free HTC RE action camera!


    Bro, HTC U11, is still RM3099. It's the U ultra that got cheaper. I'm not really defending them cuz U ultra is shit of a phone. U11 is not all that bad tho


    Sad, Sony used to be a prestigious band. Even Steve Jobs admired as was a fan of Akio Morita's Sony .


R.I.P. S.O.N.Y.


I just wanna know a good android phone I have the z2 but I want a good mobile lol


Most of the flagships phone camera sensor are provided by sony. If sony put a OIS inside the xperia, they will become one of the best camera phone around with the imx400. Anonymously they just cant made a proper phone like other big brand. The biggest problem of sony are they dont have their in house processor, when the sd810 inside the z5 got overheat problem, the s6 can shifted to their own exynos processor but the xperia could only limit down the power the processor to solve the problem and that turns the z5 into a bad phone. Well i will not hope the sony to 'RIP' as i wont get to play a great playstation games or watch great spiderman movie in the future anymore. I will still buy the xperia if the price gone right as like the xz1 are a not bad phone just the price tag are "self suiciding" like the htc.

Babi Hutan

Sony should have died at jap don't come out mempersiasuikan themself .