Here’s the easiest way to track your kids with your mobile

U Mobile and Knightsbridge Resources have teamed up to make it easier to keep track of your kids, with Malaysia’s first mobile-based tracking kit, because you can’t ever be too careful in ensuring your children’s’ safety.

TraqKid, as it’s called, doesn’t require any additional wristbands or kit, but instead only needs a mobile phone and a U Mobile SIM card. The tech is embedded in said card, and is able to track any GSM device that it is hosted under. Parents using TraqKid can immediately get in touch with emergency services if needed, and they can be proactively updated on their children’s’ whereabouts when they opt for the service.

The integrated call center and responders from Community Policing Malaysia is what sets it apart from regular child monitoring services, and once an alert has been triggered, responders will be mobilised to the last location the child was tracked at. All you need is the TraqKid mobile app and a U Mobile simcard.

TraqKid is ready for pre-order starting today, and the subscriptions start at RM58 monthly, with an upfront fee of RM36 for Personal Accident Insurance.

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