BenQ’s germ-resistant interactive panels will help keep kids from contagions

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BenQ‘s just launched a new sort of interactive flat panel that’s not only better for your eyes, but is also germ-resistant.Aside from the new, kid-friendly screen, the brand has also launched the Dustproof Projector, BlueCore Laser Projectors as well as the Wireless Presentation Solution Instashow categories, which together makes a comprehensive B2B display solution from the brand.

Germ-Resistant & Smart Eye-Care Interactive Flat Panels

Given that schools tend to be well, schools in the sense that it’s a breeding ground for germs that are difficult to control, BenQ’s decided to help fix the problem by producing a series of displays that are germ-resistant. The SGS-certified 4K Interactive Flat Panel Displays not only make it difficult for germs to spread among users, but it’s also good on the eyes. The new flat panels sport multi-layered, non-toxic, nano-ionic silver agents to bust germs, and anti-glare and blue light reduction features to be easy on the eyes. The devices come in 65″, 70″ and 75″ sizes, and hosts all the collaborative tools and platforms you would need in both education and business settings.

Dustproof Projector

Aptly named, the new range of Dustproof DX808ST and LX810STD projectors blocks and eliminates dirt and dust particles from entering the device, resulting in longer operational lifespan. Both devices come with BenQ’s own IP5X-rated Dust Guard tech, and alongside sealed engines for colour wheels, DLP chips and light path components, you will get virtually no colour decay, color wheel sensor failure, and spotting.

BlueCore Laser Projector

The BlueCore LU9715 Laser Projector and the LX810STD Short Throw projectors, like their name implies, carries BenQ’s BlueCore Light Engine technology to bring energy efficient and optimised visual projections to those who need it.

The LU9715 in particular features BlueCore Laser technology for full 360° and vertical projecting, is guaranteed to deliver 20,000 hours of perfect performance at 8,000 ANSI Lumens, alongside support for 24/7 operation.

Wireless Presentation Solution Instashow

Last but not least, the BenQ Instashow is a unique no-software solution that will allow a presentation to be held by multiple presenters, on any device. There’s no installation needed, and Instashow needs very little setup, with compatibility across any OS or hardware platform.

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