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Samsung gave everyone on this flight a brand new Galaxy Note8

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note7 was a hazard for flights. After discovering that the device could spontaneously combust without warning, flights banned it, Samsung recalled it and Note fans wept over it.

With the well-received successor — the Samsung Galaxy Note8 — the company wants you to know that they haven’t forgotten what has happened. And they did that by giving 200 lucky people a brand new Galaxy Note8 for free.

Reportedly, Samsung Spain handed these devices out to these passengers as part of a campaign they had with Iberia airlines. According to the translated version of this report, each box also carried a text that read “A year ago, we asked you to turn it off, we welcome you today on board”.

These 200 lucky passengers were aboard an Iberia flight from Madrid to A Coruna, Galicia when cabin crew wheeled in a cart full of Galaxy Note8s and handed each one of them a brand new device. The passengers were obviously overjoyed.

It’s interesting that Samsung would use such a trying time in their history to promote their new device. That said, I don’t think the passengers really minded. After all, who wouldn’t want to be handed a brand new flagship smartphone the next time they take a flight?