iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 are outselling the iPhone 8 last month

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CIRP iPhone 8 sales not doing well

It is pretty obvious that the latest iPhone 8 launch was much quieter than its predecessors. Queues are almost non-existent while telcos have scaled down on their launch events compared to previous years.

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) in the US, the iPhone 8 isn’t doing very well and surprisingly, its older models are outselling it by a huge margin.

Traditionally, “tick” models (non-S) usually dominate sales in the US. The iPhone 6/6 Plus does 46% of total sales during its launch quarter in 2014 while the iPhone 7/7 Plus did 43% of sales in September 2016. Meanwhile, the “tock” S models which are basically incremental updates are not doing as well with the iPhone 6s/6s Plus doing 24% in September 2015.

When the iPhone 8 was released, CIRP suggests that the iPhone 8/8 Plus accounted just 16% of all iPhone sold during its launch period. Most buyers were going after last year’s iPhone 7/7 Plus which dominated 58% of sales. That’s largely due to its reduced pricing right after the iPhone 8 was announced. As a comparison, when the iPhone 7/7 Plus was launched, the reduced iPhone 6s/6s Plus accounted 35% of sales in September 2016.

It is worth pointing out that CIRP’s data is based on a survey conducted with 500 customers in the US. While the sample size appears to be small, it is still a good indicator of consumer sentiment.

Some are suggesting that significant number of users are skipping the iPhone 8 for the iPhone X. While that’s a possibility, the high price tag and supply constraints would probably affect its sales numbers in the coming months. The iPhone X might probably do better in countries with better telco contract subsidies as it would probably cost slightly more each month over the iPhone 8 Plus.

While the iPhone 8/X is their latest and greatest, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s are still very capable devices by today’s standards. Looking at the current iPhone pricing, there are currently 8 iPhone models or 9 if you including the upcoming iPhone X.

With so many options available, some models are overlapping each other in terms of price. For example at RM2,749, you could either get an iPhone 6s 128GB, iPhone 6s Plus 32GB or an iPhone 7 32GB.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the full price list including the iPhone X over here.


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16 Comments for iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 are outselling the iPhone 8 last month


apple must be in great pain now. till iPhone X release to the market.


    They are going suffer higher pain intensity after iPhone X face ID fails miserably.

    Give a pass for Apple this year and wait for next year’s device.

    They have created good devices in the past, they will learn from their mistakes.


      Bodo brain tak function, face ID due to security resort to pin entry becos too many backstage use it during demo, katak simple fact also not understand #bodokambing#

        busy man

        dont unlock ur iphone X too often in a day u know, will make it tak function. “IF” you own an iphone X when launch. LOL


Even the se is doing better than the 8.there is still hope for a 4” iphone seX in the future.


We don't want iPhone 8 as it is old technology so we wait for iPhone X
We not afford to buy iPhone X as it is cost more than RM5k.
So, back to Samsung S8, or Note 8… 🙂


    at the end, you still poor.

    go home son..


    Not really that old since the new Note 8 and Mate 10 can’t outperform the iPhone 8 in certain benchmarks such as Geekbench.

ego xtra

cheap fon/most use app – whatapp/facebook/instagram/wechat
expensive fon/most use app – whatapp/facebook/instagram/wechat


    Cheap car – balik kampung.
    Expensive car – also can balik kampung


    cheap food – tomorrow turn to shit
    expensive food – tomorrow turn to shit


It shows many people still want a smaller phone. Take note huawei, oneplus, oppo etc…not everyone wants a huge 6" screen

Lim Kok Wee

If you want high spec phones with excellent camera performance, excellent after sales support, buy Huawei Mate 10 at only RM2500


Malaysia Dealer need to stop increasing the price…

And don't blame the currency… Huawei and Samsung are making the examples.

Roman Numerals

I still remember when I bought samsung innov8 for RM1900…that was running symbian S60.
The first galaxy smartphone RM1980 with 3.5inch display not even IPS.
RM1900 again for the Google Galaxy Nexus.
RM2050 for the Galaxy Note 2
LG G3 for RM2000
Got my first iPhone which is 6plus by winning a discount voucher
and till today…still using G3 and 6 Plus..no reason to upgrade yet…probably next year…or next next year.

Whatever devices you're planning to buy, your satisfaction is 1st. Be it android, iOS, expensive, affordable, cheap, discontinued (rip windows phone), the latest and greatest, the latest of last years, 2nd hand, refurbished,…make sure you're happy with your purchase. And stay tuned to soyacincau and its community. always plug.